Carrot, Bucktee, TopMali, Bonecrushaa




Eppleworth/Chester Le Boulevard, Scarborough

Snitch Biography:

This kid right here is a wasteyoute bucktee
Basically hes this Somalian youte who acted like he was the Elite Somalian of Toronto.
He lived around eppleworth a community around kennedy and eglinton , has a younger brother too named Faruuq
He got kicked out his highschool for trying to hype himself as a goon, tried bullying niggas, front on niggas with his "trap" money, fights etc.
It was then he came to leacock, he tried to do that goofy shit here so every nigga in the school shut him down.
Basically after a bullying on an innocent kid, niggas from three neighbourhoods dower, bay millz and flemingdon knocked him out and stripped him for everything he had because they got tired
Since then hes just been a victim and niggas kept taking turns taking his shit each and every day for the next 8 months they seen him
It got so bad that the goof had enough and apparently contacted 42 division in secret about it (see papers)
they ended up nabbing 3 dower yute, 2 bay millz yute and 2 flemmo yute
each kid was hit with an array of suspensions, expulsions and some even had court time

since then things moved on and this goof and his family moved to Chester le boulevard
while there i think his confidence came back and tried to rob a civilian taxi driver cause dude wanted some street cred but i bet it was cause he couldnt pay with his brother and some next yute lol
but over here we know the real him and we will always remember him as the wannabe top mali "RATbully" who just wouldnt give it up

A real legend in the making

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Somalian
Height: 5'10''
Weight: Hardboned Mali
Tattoos: unknown
Clothing Style: Mali goon
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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