Snitch boy




Scarborough - Kennedy and Eglington or Morningside/Lawrence

Snitch Biography:

Ronald is a confidential informant
This dirty bucket will snitch on his "friends" family and anyone he knows just to get his bum ass out of jail
He will rob Convenient stores churches an just about anything else
He goes to the bin on weekends and puts himself in protective custody... Cuz he's a p***y lol.
He does break and enters and home invasions
He beats up his baby moms in front of there yutes then leaves them to go smoke crack and meth ..
He isn't a man just a crackhead who will do anything he can to smoke a rock
He doesn't hang out with anyone because everyone knows this piece of shit is a SNITCH

he only drives rental cars and takes people's vehicles because he's too much of a bum to afford his own
Only friends he has are the po po
F**k this f****t

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150... skinny cause all the meth he smokes
Tattoos: shitty ones on his arm
Clothing Style: looks like a bum
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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