"Skiece Russell" "Jason"




Kawartha Lakes, ON

Snitch Biography:

The paperwork explains it all but lets start with this backstabbing snake of man let his own boy "Drown" "Accidently" on a "fishing trip"
but even worse he even ratted his own crew out for a home invasion they did on a guy who sold little kids drugs!!!!
He ratted out (Toronto/Lindsay Rappers) Casey Gilligan and Dakota Fredricks and there boy "Crazy Phil".
Skiece Russell as he know goes by because He was Bounced into P.C from 1A general pop C.E.C.C for ratting out Casey Gilligan and Dakota Fredricks and there boy"Crazy"... Skiece and Carter Moulsdale

both unknowingly ratted each other out and all there friends they are the lowest of the low Carter Moulsdale being an Undercover Confidential Informant

for the Kawartha Lakes Police who Lied to his friends well taking other peoples Innocence away and punishing them for his actions well he knew he was the guilty rat

the whole time pointing the finger at the Innocents! ....and Skiece Enzlow for Just Being a Straight Out Treacherous Rat Snake Goof!
Paperwork dosn't tell Lies half the rats on this site have no paperwork proof on them cause there accusers are lacking so they get away with being a rat but not the case in these situations with us!
When the D.H.G calls out a snitch we post paperwork to back it up! Shootouts to Golden Snitches.com for allowing us to get this paperwork out to the world! 🌎 the cops can come get us we will proudly do are time !🚫🐀 #Snitchesgetstiches #DHGPestControl

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Native
Height: Tall
Weight: Skinny
Tattoos: ya some g*y ones penis's and shit a huge c**k aimed down his backside in between his ass cheeks according to one of his ex g*y lovers
Clothing Style: gangster
Sexual Orientation:g*y as fuck in jail but straight as a native Fletched Arrow on road

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