905 Petro aka 911 Petro ratatouille





Snitch Biography:

So basically my yute went to go run a flex with mandem . mandem got booked and he started singing like a canary, tryna claim his mom forced him too, hes also an aspiring rapper LOL funny right, my yute even went on insta live to say he snitched, this mans not serious and must be stopped, if you dont believe me ask Yung Tory , yeah mr yaw yaw himself. Mans always saying free up to niggas he gets locked.
For any snitching inquiries please contact : GwallaBoyEntMgmt@gmail.com

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court: GBG Petro
changed his name since he’s been on Golden Snitches he used to be 905 petro. What would question his credibility he talks about killing people selling drugs in his lyrics but he Snitches.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: lightskin rat
Height: NYC rat level
Weight: a couple lbs
Tattoos: in production
Clothing Style: basic toronto nigga starter kit
Sexual Orientation: gay for pay and instagram likes

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GBG Petro - Canada Goose (Pressa Remix) (Official Music Video)