Joke Bagalard, Whimpy


Unknown,old wind bag


Citrus Heights California, North Highlands

Snitch Biography:

This is Joseph Agulair, the sergeant of narcotics in the Citrus Heights police department.
He is the self proclaimed leader of the undercover cops and Informants of Citrus Heights.
You can refer to the other goldensnitches pages of the Citrus Heights police department that have the undisputed #1 snitch of snitchrus heights, Nicole Rizzi who uses the name Mandee Andree and then of the Citrus Heights police departemnt (Corrupt Cops) page.
Joe, here is also a workplace dry snitch he will tell you or anyone else that he has personally talked to Sac Sheriff's, DEA, and other Citrus Heights police about you.
then tell you what they allegedly said even though he is lying through his teeth.

He usually does this when he is caught lying and has lost an argument.
He does not know the law and will try hard to convince you he is a tough guy or that his snitches are, when in fact he is trying to convince himself more than anything.

Joe is known in the streets as a big mouth who will have his rats frame people.
He use to drive the infamous all black crown victoria in Citrus Heights and then he moved up to an all grey charger with tented windows, and now drives an S.U.V supposedly.
I have been in the streets my whole life and never heard of this guy, never seen him, nothing. He is more of a legend in his own mind type of jerk and is more of a phony than anything else.
He is no good and neither is his name,
so this is even a warning to other cops to watch what you tell Joe Agulair because he will run and tell whoever you said something about and what you said about them.
I never seen this lame at all and he spilled the beans about any agency he claimed or could think of to put in his mouth that said something about me.

I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
He also likes to try to intimidate old ladies and peoples mothers. He makes empty threats towards people and their families to try and act tough. I seen him do the “walk of shame” and don't believe he will be bothering me ever again.

If people have any run-ins with this guy I urge you to contact the Citrus Heights police and file a complaint asap so we can get him off the streets and make this city a safer place, also so he can stop telling on his co-workers and other people.

I for one don't want to hear it and I don't care what anyone especially some joke of a cop has to say behind my back.
they won't say it to my face so its hog wash.
He also likes to give warnings for other people who are snitches and then wants to tell you how tough his snitches are.
guess what buddy, snitches ain't s**t and don't speak for nobody else, have them come tell me, tough guy.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'3
Weight: 290
Clothing Style: Narcotics uniform
Sexual Orientation unknown

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