Thorncliffe Park - catch him in da mall by Tim Hortons watching everything

Snitch Biography:

Abbas Kolia is in charge of the Thorncliffe high-rise apartment buildings on the Don Mills & Eglinton area of Scarborough.
He was delegated by than premiere Kathleen Wynn for the Liberal party and was elected housing director within the district.
He is known for housing a lot of immigrants specifically middle eastern and Pakistani immigrants who make up much of the building's demographic. However, in early 2017, he was met with controversy regarding the condition of his buildings. They were deteriorating, and lacked safety measures.
Mice, bedbugs and repairs became a problem. (See evidence picture

This mother f**ker been snitching on everyman on the block.
Man chills by the mall to pree the seen and tell his pops at the 53 division and diaper head whats gwaning on the block. Man been snitching for 10 plus years paying his rent with rat money.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Indian/rat
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 350 what a fata**
Tattoos: n/a
Clothing Style: bucket style
Sexual Orientation: f*g

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