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A man accused of first-degree murder admitted in court Monday he is a gun-toting crack dealer but denied he was a gang member who fatally shot an innocent man because he was on enemy turf in a west-end Toronto housing complex.

Instead, Abdullahi Mohamed testified in Superior Court he and co-accused Trevaughan Miller were walking through Scarlettwood Court to do a drug deal when he thought he saw a man he knew as “Biggs” to whom he sold drugs to on “consignment.” Biggs was ignoring Mohamed’s attempt to collect $350, so Mohamed said he decided to fire a warning shot over his head to tell him he was serious about collecting the debt. “I had a gun on me . . . I let out one shot . . . (that went) high and wide,” Mohamed told jurors. “After I let off the first shot . . . he turned around and said ‘Hey, hold on,’ right away, (I knew) that’s not Bigg’s voice . . . I realized it was the wrong person.”

The 24-year-old said as he panicked and turned to run away, Miller “just started shooting,” Mohamed said. The deceased was Nnamdi Ogba, 26, an electrical engineer from Brampton, who was walking to his car after visiting a friend on March 16, 2018. Ogba suffered five gunshot wounds to the back, legs and side fired from two handguns. Nine shell casings were found at the scene. “How were you feeling (afterwards?),” Sid Freeman, Mohamed’s lawyer, asked her client. Mohamed paused for several seconds.“
I was hoping he didn’t get shot and . . . when I turned around to run, he (Ogba) was still standing,” he said. Mohamed said he didn’t go to Scarlettwood Court, near Scarlett Road and Lawrence Avenue West, to kill anyone.
“He was a good person,” Mohamed said, after he learned who the victim was. “It was just he . . . ,” Mohamed stuttered, “was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t deserve to die.”

At the time Mohamed said he was high on painkillers, weed and “lean,” pop infused with cough syrup. Mohamed identified himself, Miller and the alleged getaway driver, Abdirahman Islow, in survelliance video footage, key evidence in the week-old murder case. During cross-examination, Crown attorney Paul Zambonini suggested to Mohamed his story was a fabulist tale, that the three accused belong to C3 — an alliance of three west-end Toronto street gangs with a long-standing beef with the Scarlettwood Crips. Mohamed denied he was in a gang.

The jury has heard that some gang members will shoot the first person they see in rival neighbourhoods as a sign of power and to intimidate entire communities. Zambonini replayed some of the surveillance video capturing the shooting — at a distance but acknowledged by Mohamed to be him and Miller firing guns — and later the trio dancing, skipping and smiling in an elevator.“That is you and your friends on the worst day of your life,” after realizing you tragically killed an innocent man, the prosecutor said to Mohamed. Mohamed acknowledged he was laughing in the elevator at a joke, but added, “I’m not smiling.” “I see, you’re sadly laughing,” replied Zambonini. The Crown finished calling evidence Thursday. Miller, 24, and Islow, 29, did not testify.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Somalian Canadian
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 158 Lbs
Tattoos: Left arm, Right hand, Right arm, Right forearm
Clothing Style: Somali Warya
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

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Deactivated post-investigation
Homicide Surveillance Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iI_kj7lgsY&feature=emb_title