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Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina| Michigan | Miami, Florida

Snitch Biography:

Another one.. again.
This phenomenon is going to keep continuing. If you dont know already, America (2018) is going through this weird phase where White Americans are calling police on African Americans and other minorities for the most nonsensical reasons. This mostly due to the fact they "FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE" with their presence. Adam is probably the 10th inductee to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame in this category (race-baiting snitches) with the likes of "Pool Patrol Paula. BBQ Betty and Permit Patty".

So lets dissect this walking meme shall we, Adam Bloom made it on here after Bloom called the police at his local pool after his African neighbor,
Jasmine Edwards, wouldn’t show him her ID. She said that she wasn’t required to show an ID and had used her pool gate card to get through the pool gate.

Adam Bloom is a Michigan native who has a bachelor’s from Miami University in Miami and also graduated from Brother Rice High School in Michigan.
He had worked at Domino's in Michigan throughout his high school years. With his degree he eventually became a Senior Marketing Manager for Bellomy Research, a Marketing Director for Primo Water Corporation, and the National Marketing Director for Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation. When Primo Water hired Bloom in 2012, the story was listed under “Business Milestones” in the Winston-Salem Journal.
His work eventually brought him over to North Carolina where he was the Value Realization Leader and Business Development Manager at Sonoco, a merchandising company, in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. He also worked on packaging, and was listed on Sonoco websites as the person to call about optimizing packaging supply chains and promotional displays. This is pretty solid if you ask me.

BUT... nobody really accounts how with one small move, everything you worked hard to achieve could be taken from you with just one screw up.

Now with that out of the way, why is he here?
Basically Jasmine Edwards and her son were at her neighborhood pool when Adam Bloom asked her for her ID and then called the police. Instinct told her that this was some form of racial profiling, as there were no other colored person on the premises, and nobody else has been told to prove their existence there.
So she recorded the whole incident, as she should and you could guess the rest.

Full video of incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu0s6uYNosI (If down search social media its viral)

According to the video, Bloom called the police because he wanted Edwards to show her ID and prove that she was able to use the pool. Bloom’s lawyer later said he called the police so the situation wouldn’t “escalate.”
But no one else was asked for an ID, Edwards pointed out in the video, and police concluded during the video that asking for an ID was not the policy.

“I feel this is racial profiling,” she told Bloom in the video. She told the police that Bloom first asked for her address, which she gave to him.
Then he wanted her ID to prove her address was correct, even though she had her pool card to get into the pool with her child. The police swiped her pool card to prove to Bloom that it worked. Bloom then said on the video,
“They kind of make their way around sometimes… but that’s good enough for me today.” (Lol seriously, it bothered him that much)

So backlash obviously struck, and the hammer known as karma came for Bloom. He lost many things after this incident went viral just like the others and outlets scavenged his entire profile the minute the video popularized.
Bloom’s Employer, Sonoco Products, Fired Him as Their ‘Value Realization Lead’ After the Video Went Viral.
Adam Bloom was also a member of the Glendale HOA board and the “pool chair,” and was forced to resign post incident. Death threats came his way where he eventually had to hire an attorney to keep him safe. Adam Bloom’s lawyer, John Vermitsky, has released a statement saying that his client,
Adam Bloom, and his family had to leave their home for a safe location because they were getting so many threats. Vermitsky told the New York Post that Bloom has been receiving phone calls and even death threats since the video went viral. “This guy is really having a very difficult situation and dealing with backlash for something that’s pretty undeserved,” Vermitsky told the New York Post.
“If you notice, he remains very calm; doesn’t make any racial epithets or anything.
He was put in a very uncomfortable situation, trying to deal with conflicting responsibilities, and it’s simply unfair. This guy is in a very difficult situation, and it’s all because of a very misleading video.”

Now heres my take, Bloom like everybody else he put himself in that position.
One, out of all the people who came to the pool that day, you end up interrogating the only colored attendee, not anybody else who might've been suspicious. That in turn is suspicious, and people would tend to speculate, "racial profiling".
Two, this goes with your duties as a pool board member, however she complied with her address, and cooperated.
Three, you were so uncomfortable that you ended up calling police anyways.
You escalated the situation yourself and she defended herself by recording you.

Way to dig a hole for yourself. Im done here.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 170 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: American Family Man
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Social Media Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/adam.bloom2
LinkedIn: www.linkedin com/in/adbloom
Twitter: www.twitter com/bloomac

(Deactivated Social Media Accounts Post Incident)