Albie, Albert Ng or Nguyen




59 Marion St (Toronto, ON)

Snitch Biography:

This is the worst kind of snitch, one who pretends to be your friend but then talks about you behind your back.

He is a work place snitch, and the scummiest of them at that. He will show up to work high on coke that he got on spot and never paid back or sucked d**k for.

He will speak ill of people around him and walk around like he knows all, but really has idenity issues and is confused about his sexuality.

He even talks bad about his roomates and tells you about their private lives because he has no respect for anyone.
What is most concerning is that he will tell anyone anything when he goes on coke benders, so becareful what you tell him because your secrets aren't safe.

(yes, this almost 40 year old man has roommates because in the 4 decades he's been alive he hasn't been able to acquire anything except an iPhone 4 that only works with wifi, a coke habit along with a coke debt, and a talent for cooking that is glorified by Instagram posts for a kitchen that sells spoiled food to keep their food costs low)

He has people he calls friends, good people, they don't know that even in the same room as them, he will whisper about them and then smile in their faces.

Watch out for Albert Nguyen or Ng

Phone number: 416-389-8798 (wifi/iMessage only)
Work Place: The Rustic Social House
Location: Parkdale ( 59 Marion St @ Sorauren Ave)

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Asian
Height: 5'9
Weight: 220
Tattoos: A Banana on his right forearm, possibly a tramp stamp.
Clothing Style: homeless chef
Sexual Orientation: possibly bi

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @Chef_albie_is_in_the_kitchen