Permit Patty, We Dont Want Your Cannabis


Late 20s - Late 30s


Michigan, Georgia, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, California (America)

Snitch Biography:

At this rate... we mind as well have a single category for cases such as these.
Another race baiting, profiling snitch in the making.
Welcome to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame, Alison Ettel. Congrats for digging a hole for yourself. So a brief rundown of this trash-bag, Alison Ettel is the woman who called police on a elementary school-age San Francisco Ethiopian-American girl hoping to sell water to baseball fans in front of her apartment building Friday.
The girl’s mother captured it on her cell phone and posted it to Instagram.
Ettel, who can be seen on her phone calling police, tries to hide when she realizes she’s being recorded by the girl’s mother. Footage of the incident was recorded and she has since become the meme, #PermitPatty.

So lets do what we usually do and dissect this piece of bitter trash why dont we.
Ettel gradated from the University of Michigan with a master’s in urban planning and an MBA. She got her undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in economics and finance and has worked in markets, real estate, and for the Brookings Institution she was a research associate for Metropolitan Studies where she “researched, helped author and fact check the book "The Option for Urbanism." Researched and authored research papers on the real estate environment and urban choice.”

She reluctantly became a face figure in the cannabis industry, moving to California which maintain legality laws around recreational marijuana. “TreatWell was founded by Ettel in 2015 to provide the highest quality cannabis products for both people and animals.”
Ettel is the CEO as well as co-founder. TreatWell says it offers the following educational and consulting services: dispensary training; patient consultations; corporate strategy; business services; product development; cannabis extraction consulting; and cultivation consulting.”Ettel, who said she has only been in the business a few years has a partner who’s been in the cannabis industry for more than two decades. Ettel said she comes from a “very professional background, doing everything from Wall Street think tanks and software companies, and started getting into cannabis after she recovered from a coma caused by meningitis. I’m not supposed to be alive today.”

Honestly a strong background right? well take what shes gone through and flip it 360 after the incident shes been accused for.
A woman named Raj on Twitter, whose cousin is the little American born Ethiopian girl, said her cousin lives near AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants played the San Diego Padres Friday.
The girl, with a big smile and a rolling cooler, announced, “Cold water $2. Cold water $2” hoping to sell water to baseball fans.
Her mother was outside their apartment building with her daughter when Ettel began phoning the police.
When the mother began capturing Ettel calling cops, she tried to hide by ducking down around a concrete wall on the sidewalk. When the mom said, “…you can hide all you want.
The whole world gonna see you, boo,” Ettel comes from her hiding spot and says, “Yeah. Illegally selling water without a permit? Yeah.”
Late Saturday afternoon, the mom who posted the video of Ettel updated, and thanked, folks for their support.
And apparently, the police never showed up.

Full Video of Incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0OQEeudpZk

Honestly, this woman is trash.

You have to be a extremely bitter person to call cops on anybody selling water on the street. Especially when that somebody is 8 years old, selling bottled water you can buy at a local Walmart.
That's just a reflection of how sad her life is that she has to make others suffer as well. You also dont need a permit to sell bottled water, its bottled water not Cannabis. Also how can you call cops on a girl selling legal edibles on the street, when you run a Cannabis store thats only legal in the grounds of California, a liberal Cannabis legal state. Thats why this story makes me upset.

Congrats on digging a hole for yourself, Permit Patty.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'6''
Weight: Fat 180+ Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: McDonalds Regular
Sexual Orientation: The 2 in LGBTQ2

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Deactivated all forms of Social Media after incident