3kan, Rape Case Waiting to Happen


March 22, 1997 (21)


Downtown Toronto

Snitch Biography:

Here we have not only a snitch, but a rapist, crack smoker, and all around piece of shit.

Ryerson business student, Amer Toukan, can be found downtown running around looking for someone to snitch on, usually around the frat he's in.

This guy will tell on anyone, and he’ll even make up things to tell whenever he decides to snitch, which is always.

He likes to start arguments, then threaten to call the police when things get hot. He's called the police on people for arguing at parties. It's more messed up because he’s in a fraternity, where he has sexually assaulted young women multiple times. He even thinks sexual assault is funny. He also admitted smoking crack cocaine, because since every snorts it, he thinks it’s the same to also smoke it. He has since recanted his confession, but the amount of girls that have accused him of being abusive to women is startling. The word on this guy is he's mostly abusive to women because he's actually a homosexual in the closet. One of his brothers (who is known to be gay) came forth to say he had his way with him one night. I don't down homosexuality, but this guy talks shit about gay people all the time, so it's a relevant point to mention his own sexual orientation. You know how these boys like to "experiment" in their frat houses.

If you think this is slanderous, ask about this guy. He’s well known for assaulting women, being a shakey rat, and doing drugs (he especially loves going broke over his cocaine habit). You can confirm all of the above. Let the Ryerson and U of T community know about him. He now works at Starbucks downtown and word is he's trying to attend U of T for comp. sci. after he stole a bunch of money from his fraternity chapter while acting as treasurer.

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Snitch's phone number: 647-767-3466

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Arab
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125
Clothing Style: Frat boy
Sexuality: bisexual

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