West end Toronto

Snitch Biography:

This guy is a big time waist man thinks he's a blood .. he snaked a real man from the city aka killamon they were friends for 13 year's Killamon I trusted him & let him live in my house Andrew got comfortable and started getting to Killamons girlfriend at the time Lindsay smith that Killamon been seeing other women and that he was out with one now to get Lindsay to sleep with him he told her bullshit story's it's sad to get p****y you need to back stab your so called best friend. He hid this from killamon and so did she. Killamon soon found out what's popping a beat the crap out of Andrew and police where called killamon was locked up. He was told by the police he couldn't go back to his own house court order. F***ing bull shit right his own house, He was the only one on the lease. He gets bail and goes back smashed Andrew again because killamon was on a house arrest he went back to jail. (Andrew did a victim impact statement and video testified against Killamon. )

Golden Snitches has the paper work ask for it if intersted

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Greek and Croatian
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Tattoos: red star on right hand
Clothing Style: thinks he's a blood always red on
Sexual Orientation: who knows he's a ex meth and coke head my like man dem be careful.

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