Freshie, RAT 🐀,informer, battybwoy




Toronto,Kingston ja(owner of A-bar in Kingston), Scarborough 400 block

Snitch Biography:

This is Andrew ricardo battybwoy Harrison, known as freshie to most. For many years he has portrayed himself as a man of considerable wealth, a well connected man in the streets, a man of honor and respect..

That is until it was discovered that he was really a long time police cooperator behind the scenes

He is well known/ usually found in: Toronto Ontario, Scarborough Ontario 400 block, Kingston Jamaica (also owns a bar called: A-bar in Kingston)

Here are various excerpts of him opening his battyhole to the officers:

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: black
Weight: him can’t hold no weight
Clothing Style: plainclothes officer
Sexual Orientation: battybwoy

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