How SickKids is working hard to cover up racism. Racist Nurse Receptionist at Sick Kids Hospital




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Snitch Biography:

I visited Sick Kids hospital with my daughter who is 15 years old she was very sick the first visit they gave us pills and sent us out.
The second visit I asked them to do an x-ray they gave her pills and sent us out again.

I went to the phone when we got home and made a call to the hospital and I told them she’s getting worse and that we have been there twice already.
A nurse practitioner by the name of Charlie asked me to ask for him specifically when I get to the hospital and that it’s an emergency that I come back now, he told me that my daughter has a bad case of pneumonia that they found in the x-ray

I went back to the hospital, when I got there I encountered a racist individual who is working at the front desk she asked me “what is your name” I said I am here with my daughter she is very sick.
At this point she cut me off and said
“what is your name are you the patient”
I said nicely I am 37 years old and I am not the patient this is my daughter she’s 15 she’s very sick I said can I please speak to the nurse practitioner named Charlie she ignored my request and asked me again “your name and birth date”
I said excuse me may I speak please.

At this point she nodded indicating that It was ok for me to speak now but instead of listening she indicated to one of her coworkers call security.
Her behavior and mannerisms showed that she was nervous and that it seemed like I was some type of threat or my daughter was some type of threat.
When security arrived about 15 seconds later he was very confused on why he was called this woman could not explain why she called security at this point myself my daughter and even members of the hospital have dissected this is a racist act.

I waited to speak to one of the head nurses and she said to me “How can she be racist she’s not white”
I said that’s racist these women have no sensitivity or understanding for other people besides her own race I find it very disturbing and alarming that these women handle and work with our children taking care of children in our community of different nationalities on their own agenda different care for different races of people.

I witnessed Angelie Torres that same night call security on a black man just asking “When do you think I could be seen a lot of other people that were here after me are being seen first”

she called security on him immediately when the gentleman was not aggressive.
I spoke to members of the hospital who are also black and they told me that they are treated very rudely by this woman which I find extremely unacceptable.
I was also displeased with the conversation I had with the head nurse at sick kids hospital who told me that the woman who displayed signs of racism towards me and my 15-year-old daughter “could not be racist because she is not white”
so I asked to speak to somebody who is in charge I took my daughter home and came back to the hospital I waited around till about 4:30 am and I was sick also but I was not concerned with my cold.
I was more worried about the children Thea's lady’s are handling.

In the morning finally a woman came to see me.
She asked me to go into a room with her and sit down I went and she was very well spoken very kind she said to me
“she enjoys working in this hospital and how this hospital deals with children and people from all over the world different nationalities and for all I know that her son could be black”
I said I really appreciate that and I really appreciate what you do here for children and for people all over the world but I’m sorry to say that it’s absolutely irrelevant to the way that me and my daughter were treated here today. She repeated herself a few times and continued to go on with a beautiful speech at this point I realized she is covering up racism.
She also said to me
“I would like to believe that this stuff dos not happen that there are no racist people”.

That’s when I also realized that this woman who claims to be in charge of Sick Kids hospital is out to lunch.
Being in charge of Sick Kids hospital showing an attitude that she doesn’t really care and that she doesn’t really believe what I am saying, showing behavior that her, Angelie Torres and her coworkers are above me and my daughter and we are far beneath there feet displaying signs of racism by her behavior in this meeting I decided that it was time for me to go home.
She handed me a pamphlet she said to call this number the black family Wing I called, I got a call back I spoke to a gentleman and nothing happened.
A few days later I got a call from the children’s aid Society it just so happens that I have a very good relationship with the children’s aid so when they got a fake report from the head woman at sick kids hospital saying that I smelled strongly of alcohol when I did not even use hand sanitizer.

Now first things first a lot of professionals in this community know me and one thing they know about me is that
I DO NOT DRINK. So why make this fake call to the children’s aid Society because I complained about racism this is unacceptable and disgusting foul behavior for this woman to make up these malicious lies to cover up racism instead of doing something about it makes her a part of it to most of them are hiding their names and identities. But this post will be updated shortly with more information name’s phone numbers and addresses of these racist snitches working at sick kids hospital in Toronto.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Filipino
Height: 5ft 2
Weight: 165
Tattoos: No
Clothing Style: bummy old momey
Sexual Orientation: A sexual

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