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University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

Snitch Biography:

Biology lecturer Anita Moss at the University of Texas at San Antonio is a racist snitch. She called the police on a black student in her anatomy & physiology class just for having her feet up on a chair. The student was escorted out by campus police. The incident has prompted multiple investigations but has gone viral in yet another apparently racist snitching incident in America.

While some are saying this is not racism, most find it odd that out of a whole classroom of people, an old white lady would call 911 on a black student in a Texas university, fitting a trend that has been all too common in the United States, especially recently. Whether or not this was a racist action, this person is certainly a snitch and a golden one at that, having made the news across the world for her tattle-tale type behavior, conveniently targeted at a black women who was not posing any danger. This remind you of Yale anyone?

While the Provost's Office in the College of Sciences conducted a management investigation, it's already been said that she will be returning in the spring of 2019. She has been suspended and relieved of her duties for the semester will be required to undergo classroom management training before returning.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Clothing Style: old lady professor
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