Toronto GTA

Snitch Biography:

This stank h** has to be one of the worst bartenders in Toronto we know of. Getting ahead (and giving it) to boost her goals even if snitching to business owners or sucking up to colleagues to get her way. Known to sleep with co-workers, this low budget Tila Tequila wannabe has not only ratted out coworkers who are making a hard day’s night by hustling their “wares” to the weekend party crowds who come to Toronto to party. Lacking taste (in fashion and tricks) she has ratted out many resulting in arrests and expulsions from bars. She also is known to steal other people’s tips when they’re not looking. Beware of this snitch by all means necessary!

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Asian
Tattoos: Tacky arm tat
Clothing Style: Trampy
Sexual Orientation: Questionable

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Betty Trinh Known Toronto Snitch