Backpage H**s, Blondy




Markham Ont, Toronto and Montrael Quebec

Snitch Biography:

My friend invited these two Backpage snitches to the house we made a deal for $1,000 specifically when they came everything was great they were laughing having a good time when it came time for them to leave they demanded $2,000 I said the deal was 1,000 she started yelling screaming and threatening rape accusations.

This is disgusting behavior the yelling and the noise from this innocent-looking woman had security notified in my condo straight to my unit in front of security she argued yelled and was abusive towards me and my friend until the police showed up when she stopped talking about rape because she was there picking up our personal belongings trying to steal from our home when my friend phoned his cell phone it started to ring from her purse right in front of the police LOL.

It's really funny how the accusations of rape stopped right away when the police showed up because it didn't seem like they were on her side being the fact that security witnessed her abusive behavior.

This is a dangerous snitch be careful do not hire or trust this demon she looks sweet but tastes bitter like the center of a bum.
She broke a few expensive things in her fit of rage she also went to our vehicle and smash the windows out of my friends BMW LoL she belongs in a mental facility 4 people who are seriously mentally ill.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:
The main thing is her false accusations of rape in order to Blackmail us for more money this behavior is disgustingly inappropriate.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: French
Height: 5.6
Weight: 120
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: Hoish
Sexual Orientation: bi

Social Media Links:

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