B-Brown, Brandon Reed Brown




Near Cliffside Drive, Scarborough

Snitch Biography:

Brandon Brown is a wannabe star, but what he’s most known for right now is being a snitch.

This guy got pulled over with a so-called friend, and when police find a gram of weed on him and threaten to charge him, he starts telling everything he can on his friend quick to send him to jail and avoid the smallest charge ever.

He’s been rapping and singing for years, but he still has no following or success whatsoever. All this kid does is try to eat off more successful people around him because he’s broke and just got kicked out of his mom’s house on Cliffside in Scarborough.

It’s clear he has herpes, so girls stay away from him. Word is he also has HPV. He tries to make up excuses like he burnt his lip smoking or something, but the nasty little whores this guy chases after it’s no surprise he’s infected. Just look how skinny he is! His d**k is even skinnier and smaller than he is. No wonder he has to chase these disgusting girls.

He’s a real leech and snitch extraordinaire.

His only social media as a bummy wanna be artist is his Soundcloud which in like over a year or two got less than 200 follows: https://soundcloud.com/BrandonBrownCA

Facebook: he hid his account because people found out he's a snitch


Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115
Tattoos: Loser Jay-Z verse on forearm
Clothing Style: broke skater
Sexual Orientation: bi-sexual

Social Media Links:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrandonBrownCA



Brandon Brown Toronto Rapper, Singer and Known Snitch