Informant Calvin Kave Aka C.K.


Sep. 11/1980


Toronto, all over Vaughn, Young & Finch area he is to be found sometimes downtown, and eglinton West area!

Snitch Biography:

Calvin Kave

This weak/bad minded dry snitch had me locked up when I was on 100,0000 dollar bail and now he is MAD for being [exposed on goldensnitches.com]

He had no other reason but out of pure hate for a good friend, who he is jealous of.

He then got together with the other informants and MADE A FAKE 911 CALL TO HAVE ME LOCKED UP!

David B. Young, who worked at money mart on young st in Toronto who was also fired for stealing $1000.

Fat Russian informant named Hugo S. who knew where I lived, was sending me text messages tethering me he'll tell the police about some fake credit cards.

[Calvin Kave] was there to witness this text from Hugo the snitch.

Calvin Kave than gave out Hugo's number to a homosexual informant named: Daniel Khawaja knowing very well what would happen to me.

Then Daniel Khawaja a known snitch gave my address to a Julius ex girlfriend planned by Calvin Kave.

Hugo the informant is born in and around DOB:1986 I am looking for his pic to post.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility:

Hugo sells and uses dope out of his mom's house at Islington & Albion north west side of the corner.

ADDRESS: 56 BARKWIN DR. a green Buick parks in front of the house. He parks his old beat up bmw on the side street.

Calvin Kave's credibility: I have known him a long time he was a good friend I feel bad this happened I must say if you know him or you are friends with him YOUR GOOD he has never dun this before I really don’t think he would do this again. It was a dry Snitch thing he never went to police but he did get me booked & he knew I was gunna get booked if he did what he did but he would never talk to police just to be clear
It’s an unfortunate situation

Physical Description:

Trinidadian/Guyanese 160 lbs 5'7" he does have tattoos also.

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