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Hamilton, Durham and Toronto

Snitch Biography:

This slimeball piece of garbage tries so hard to be a tough guy.
He wants people to look at him like hes this huge shotta but in reality he is a SLIMY SNITCH GOOF.
This man got kicked off his own block for spreading false information to people in opposite neighborhoods about the guys he essentially grew up with, in order for those "opposite neighborhood" guys to cause problems with them. People in his old area either died recently or had problems with the other neighborhood over these rumors. This goof plays a huge role in that. Not only does he carry a loud mouth and a huge ego, but he can't fight so he hides behind bigger guys who know how, its how you know he doesn't walk his talk. He has an open personality, a bit of a joker but maintains a reputation when it comes to taking advantage of people. I want people to know the reality of this character.

Thats not why hes regarded as a snitch entirely in Hamilton one of my scotian brothers tried to grab his chains, he failed but the man was completely shook over it. As a result my brother had a court order sent to his home and was arrested over it, that. This bitch made nigga informed police about it.

This goof worked a job around the Harbourfront side. Heard he used to trap on the block he got kicked off of. A true wasteman snitch!

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Guyanese
Height: Under 6 ft
Weight: Fat 100-200 pounds
Tattoos: One on both forearms, chest and hand
Clothing Style: Pressed the way a bucket would like
Sexual Orientation: Likes taking it in the batty, but in secret

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dice.makemoneyent
Instagram: @Hennessypapii_
Snapchat: Classypapii