Chris Mielczynski , krzysztof , c_dog85


34 years old 1985


Toronto,Mimico Scarborough, Kingston

Snitch Biography:

Chris Mielczynski had snitched not once not twice not three times but over and over again!
My friends had moved into a place they are super nice people!

At first Chris seemed like a pleasant guy until my people found out that everytime they were talking to him he was going behind their back and telling the landlord lies and snitching.
This guy is a piece of work.

Chris snitched to the superintendent and landlord that my people smoke Marijuana, yet they have a doctors card and don't smoke inside.
Chris snitched to the courts about people threatening him when that never happened.
Chris snitched to the superintendent and landlord about friends and family that would come over to the house!
He is up at 4:00AM being super ignoeant,
Chris the snitch himself is not credible for example, Chris and his girlfriend at the time got into a physical argument throwing bottles at each other on the street and he had his girlfriend running up and down the street with a suitcase.
Chris the snitch lies and manipulates people when he does not get his way for example,
In court they told him he cannot smoke next to the door as it is a non-smoking building he told the judge when he was asked if smoking was allowed Chris responded he was told,
“yes I can smoke.”
But Chris was advised that if he didn't follow the rules he will be fined or evicted.

Chris is just the worst type of snitch!

Chris says that the odor of marijuana got onto his clothing, furniture, outerwear lol.
This guy is a chain smoker of cigarettes, and he drinks all the time.

Yet this guy snitched for a whole year straight about waste man s**t, he is the worst of the worst.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White, Polish, Canadian
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150
Clothing Style: Casual, waste man
Sexual Orientation: N/A

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