Yung Berg, Iceberg, Hitmaka, Transformer Chain Guy




Chicago, Illinois

Snitch Biography:

Christian J. Ward, or better known as Yung Berg, is an Southside Chicago record producer, rapper and songwriter who came up around the mid 2000's (2007,08).
He was one of those rappers who were into the era of skinny jeans, dancing, "dougie", "jerk" etc. and had family ties to gangs in Chicago's southside.
He was more infamously known, not for his music but for his beef and especially the robbery of his Transformer head chain which sparked the "Detroit v.s Everybody" and "No Fly Zone" movements in Detroit. According to Yung Berg, this Transformer chain is reckoned worth over $60-$70,000.
He would always front it, flashing it on the red carpet, at award shows, in the hood etc.

Before this robbery incident, Yung Berg was noticed by the hip-hop community as an ungrateful piece of shit.
Disrespecting various older rappers. One incident happened with Maino in Atlanta, this after the Detroit robbery, he was drunk and stepped to Maino at an album release party. After talking reckless and disrespectful, Maino "put him to sleep". R&B singer Ne-Yo even expressed on a show how he would "love to three finger slap the hell outta Yung Berg" for disrespecting pictures he posed in.

On August 23, 2008, it was reported and confirmed that Yung Berg had been ambushed in Detroit, Michigan by rapper Trick-Trick and his entourage in his club and had his signature "Transformers chain" taken. This was because Yung Berg was noticeably disrespecting the city of Detroit (sneak dissing), and fellow artists many Detroit rappers know.
Detroit is a very high risk city, on the verge of bankruptcy due to government corruption, and the poverty issue forcing businesses out at the time. As a result, this laid the foundation for the "Detroit vs. Everybody" movement, and exiled disrespectful rappers who would come to make profit in their city such as Rick Ross. On December 16, 2011, Berg snitched on radio about the perpetrators whilst explaining the altercation by stating he didn't want to go to Trick-Trick's club since a member of his entourage had a problem with him, but somehow ended up there.

"I was like 30 deep, I went in the club & I went to the back because I had the number one record at the time", he said, stating that he wanted a free bottle. "The co-owner come back & he said, My partner Trick-Trick said ain’t no love for you on those bottles.
I was like, your partner? Hold on. So now we’re in Trick-Trick's club, I come to find out, the same club that I didn’t wanna go to & perform. Now, I’m in the club.
I’m like 5’0, 150 pounds. I come out there and the whole club security surrounds me. They whooped my ass through the club, the security. My entourage was all around us and they were getting their asses whooped too!"

Yung Berg admits in Interview:

Trick Trick's account of the story (a classic Vlad interview):

On October 5, 2010, United Kingdom rapper Rowdy T announced that he had taken Yung Berg's "Batman chain" and called Yung Berg a snitch for reporting it to police again.

On March 20, 2011, during an interview Yung Berg announced that he was done with wearing flashy jewelry stating,

"On some real shit back in the day when I was buying those big ass chains and shit, I felt like that was a part of me being Yung Berg. But me growing up & being Christian, being Mr. Ward, and who I really I am, I toned down.
I'm not going to be with the big gaudy chains because people would look and they would say 'Well, this nigga still ain't learn his lesson.' I learned my lesson. I'm going to have jewelry but it's going to be more upscale & common.
It's not going to be catching just the nigga eye."

Since then nobody really talks about this guy or remembers who he is. His chains, both of them, have toured across the world.. falling into the hands of almost everyone in Detroit, to Atlanta, to the hands of someone like Antoine Dodson, even to the hands of Soulja Boy back in Chicago. Trick Trick even admitted to throwing it into a river in Detroit once. Even his daughter took it to school one day where they colored on it.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: African American
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 136 Lbs
Tattoos: Shitty Hand, Neck, Face and Arm Tattoos
Clothing Style: Teach Me How To Dougie Type
Sexual Orientation: Straight but You Never Know

Social Media Links:

Yung Berg Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hitmaka/?hl=en
Yung Berg Twitter: https://twitter.com/_hitmaka?lang=en
Yung Berg Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YungBergVEVO