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Snitch Biography:

The reason for writing this is to expose dirty cops in Citrus Heights California; this contains accurate information of names and locations of undercover cops and a corrupt operation in Citrus Heights California, Sacramento California and surrounding areas which stretches to Reno Nevada.

All information was gathered from around 2011 to present. All names and locations are involved in drug dealings. Hopefully this information will right all the wrongs done to good people and stop these people from doing it to anyone else. The goal is to get this investigated and get the corruption in the Citrus Heights Police Department shut down permanently.

Citrus Heights police and everyone in this will stop at nothing to keep this information from being exposed.

In 2011, the first place I started out unknowingly, either being used or stalked by the police is at the Harison Court Apartments in North Highlands at some s*** a** dump with a broad named Candice Klopping who works with the police and I didn’t know it and she introduced me to another undercover cop named Tommy Clark who then took me over to a guy named John Barton’s house in Citrus Heights where he introduced me to Christina Walker who works for Citrus Heights Police and from there I was introduced to Kathren Jones on Lesser Way who works for CHPD in Citrus Heights and then from there I was introduced to Paul Wilt At the Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park where I settled in and started working on the property…

The Citrus Heights Police have patrol officers out here in Citrus Heights CA that are dealing drugs with dirty undercover cops who are framing people and I happen to have been able to be lucky enough to be able to prove it and I will provide proof and evidence to this post, but first let’s start with a little bit of the story... I lived at a place in Citrus Heights CA called the Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park from 2012 until December of 2016. While I was living my life in 2011, I was introduced to an old man named Paul Wilt at a trailer park called the Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park located at 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610.

Paul Wilt went by Pops, he was the Maintenance man of the property, I didn't know it but the maintenance man who was teaching me to take over his job when he would eventually retire and that was becoming my friend was also an undercover cop for the Citrus Heights Police Department.

I also didn't know that there are dirty patrol cops in the Citrus Heights Police department that are involved with him and other undercover cops that are selling drugs and collecting cash and they hide their drug dealing and framing people behind a masquerade of an "undercover" operation to keep up appearances to the naked eye of real cops who are not dirty and to fool the Feds and or whoever is funding their operation or overseeing it so they don't catch wind that they and their families are deeply involved and are on the take.

I guess their mindset was if they meet a quota of arrests through their "operation" by any means necessary even if that means fabricating entire cases, falsifying documents, committing perjury and doing whatever necessary to charge and convict a target that no one would know and if one of their victims knew too much and came forward they would have put all these bogus charges to create fake criminal history and with them being cops, they could get away with it and be believed because they are cops, and you are a criminal.

I have had Citrus Heights Police actually tell me that to my face. Like I said I met Paul Wilt in 2011 which was shortly after he moved in to Auburn Vista Mobile Home Park. Paul and I were good friends from the start and hung often and then at some point in 2012, I moved in with Paul in trailer #4 and began to work with him and learn the ropes of the business after it was talked about that I would be taking over eventually.

As part of Paul Wilt’s job description as the Maintenance of the Property as it is in all maintenance jobs, his job privileges include he lives on the property rent free and collects a check biweekly from the owner for his hours he works as maintenance and he is on call 24-7 when needed he will repair empty trailers and fix any and all things wrong maintenance wise for existing and possible new residents when the owner Larry Axelbaum puts up an empty trailer for rent. For me the job seemed like a good opportunity, I have a kid and I was stoked to put in the work needed to get the gig.

I will specify that Paul Wilt did not accept rent from residents except the cash I gave him monthly, nor did he show trailers to possible new tenants, he had no authority whatsoever legally or otherwise at the trailer park he was just a maintenance man and even then it was just a smoke screen to fool people because being the maintenance man was just a meaningless job title for his cover at the trailer park, but I didn't know that, as far as I was concerned everything was on the up and up and all legit as far as Paul, being maintenance and training me for the job and hanging out with him and all that.

How the rent thing went and goes at the trailer park is, there is no property manager, all rent, paid and trailers rented is dealt with by the owner Larry Axelbaum ONLY. I know all this because I have lived there with Paul Wilt and worked with him for years and have dealt with the owner Larry Axelbaum for years.

Around, late 2013 early 2014 a broad that Paul Wilt and a few others I had met through Paul and just around had brought up and were promoting some broad named Mandee Andree that I had never heard of or met before and said she was around and wanted to meet me. One day I'm sitting at the trailer with Paul after working all day and a guy by the name of Steve Roberts who at the time lived in the Trailer Park in #11 with another guy named Tony Lopez who was the father of a guy named Anthony Lopez who was away at the time and Steve was staying with his dad while he was gone. Steve comes over to my trailer and says hey, Mandee is here do you want to come meet her? I will introduce you to her. I really didn't care to and wasn't impressed by everyone playing her up to me weeks before she showed up, it seemed f***ing weird to me at the time but most of these people are weirdos, and I was definitely not as enthusiastic to meet her as everyone was to introduce her to me, but at the time I was like whatever. So I go outside over to trailer #6 where there use to be a park type bench and table outside the trailer where at the time a guy named Steve Walker lived. I go with Steve Roberts from #11 to where she was at the bench and he introduced us. She wasn't nothing special to look at and was a bummy dressed skinny tweaker looking girl that was kind of pathetic and sad looking, and something about her didn't sit well with me then and I couldn't place it at the time but I was sure I had met her before but I couldn't remember at all where because she was way different looking than the last time I had seen her and it was a very long time ago and her name wasn't Mandee Andree. I couldn't remember then and I figured it was just a random deja' vu moment and I was tripping, I figured f*** it and brushed it off. Steve Roberts introduced us outside Steve Walker's trailer and they seemed to all know her, so I figured, cool because I knew all them, they were my neighbors. I invite Mandee Andree over to my place at #4 and we hang out. I introduce her to my girlfriend at the time, Tabatha Sherman. Mandee began to be at the Trailer Park after that first introduction with Steve Roberts and she would stay overnight with him, Steve Walker and Jim Pearson who lived in Trailer #8 and she would come over to mine and Paul's often and hang out she was supposedly a broad who had nowhere to go that claimed to be a couch surfer that was my age but looked way older to me.
Mandee Andree was a weirdo but seemed nice enough and like she needed help and a friend, so I began to help her out from time to time and would let her sleep on the couch while me and Paul would work on trailers and hang out with her. I would see her every day in the trailer park so of course I would end up knowing her because me and Paul know everyone in there we were doing maintenance and working on empties, mowing lawns and just were there all the time except when I would go back and forth a lot to see my son who I have 100% custody of and until I took over at the trailer park after learning the business and got my own trailer by myself without roommates that's how it had to be while I was putting in the work.

I didn't like it because it would cost me a lot of time paving this path I was promised with Paul and the trailer park plus everyone has to work and it was a legit legal gig. I was promised money here and there and got the occasional buck or two, but the deal that was made was, I pay attention and learn then in a couple years I would have it made from then on out. During all the time that all this is going on I had met a guy I was introduced to one time previously and the introduction was brief I didn't know him for s***, his name was Robert Wessels an older dude who lived around the corner from where I grew up at and where I lived with my son. Robert Wessels pulls up in a beater green ford while I was out front of the house and gets out and walks up and I meet him again and he strikes up a conversation and asks me if I could help him trim some weed and he would through me a couple bucks he said he was all legit and legal and asks me to come over to his house where I originally met him when a guy from the neighborhood I did know took me by one time for a brief stop sometime soon and help him trim. To me it was also another strange a** introduction of someone new who was to overly friendly and trying to be my buddy like Mandee Andree at the trailer park, but again I just said f*** it, let’s see what happens and I went over there and helped him out with my girlfriend at the time Tabatha Sherman.

Robert who goes by Bobby and I start to hang out and be friends and it was cool for a while and was a place outside the trailer park that I could go and be cool at and perhaps, potentially open new doors, like I said he was quite a bit older than me and had a nice house and all that so I ignored the weirdo vibes I got as I seemed to get at first with all these people especially with them all being the same age as the other and I was much younger but I figured so far so good and it’s not like they could ever f*** me off in any way because I can certainly take care of myself and I'm far from stupid plus I have been in the streets my whole life there isn't much I haven't seen. I had always got the cop vibe from them all because of the rookie clueless way they handle themselves and with all the lame tough guy stories they would try and sell me while trying to impress me which does not, it annoys me when stupid f***s do that s***. I always think to myself, ("Yeah, f***ing right. Who are you trying to convince me, or you?") Not to mention I have been around every block there is more than once and it’s obvious that none of these guys have, plus everywhere these guys claim they are from and known at, I have been there at the times they claim to have been and I don't know them neither does anyone else I know from these places. Robert Wessels house is located at 7241 Carriage DR Citrus Heights CA 95621. The next clown to show up and try the same s****y act of wanting to be my friend and try to hang with me is Frank Timmons located at 7454 Kanai Ave Citrus Heights CA 95621. I first met him while walking down the street back to the trailer park from my moms and me and Tabatha were kind of fighting at the time and he comes up from his driveway like he knew we were coming and asked us if $100 would help us out, claiming he just got out of prison and blah blah but yes that 100 bucks was cool he introduced himself as Tim Timmons back then but later on when I just happened to run into him again at like 3am some random a** where he just happened to be fighting with his girlfriend on the street he brings up when he gave me $100 bucks and tells me his name is Frank Timmons. I remembered he said his name was Tim and knew right away he was no good and for sure going to turn out to be a cop which he did, they all did. Anyways so at his time I still hadn't figured everything out yet but I was getting close. I figured I would keep my eyes open and just pay attention to what the f*** was always going on around me, I do anyways. There isn't a whole lot more to say about this a** clown right now. I stayed away from this weirdo because I knew he was full of s***. The house Frank lives in and claimed to have lived in with his family for 15 years back then, he did absolutely not nor did his family. I know the last two owners of that house very well and went to school with one of them. Frank moved in that house when I first met him which was 2014. Debby Gardner, I met at the trailer park at Steve Walker's trailer #6 in 2013 2014 she lived on Old Auburn at 7680 Old Auburn RD Citrus Heights CA 95610 but was always around and she also just like the rest was trying to be my friend and invite me to her house. She was a dirt Bag, she always would steal from the goodwill and break into to the back of it and jack all their s***. She is also a cop like I said the all are. Debby is now going by Debby Bradford and lives at 7212 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610.

In 2013 I broke up with Tabatha Sherman because paper work or a court discovery was all over the streets about her making statements to Officer Shoberg of The Citrus Heights Police Department confessing to the burglary at the Citrus Heights Veterans Center and saying she did it with some other girl telling Officer Shoberg that she uses meth but doesn't have a problem with it and can stop whenever she wants and the reason she broke into the veterans center was because she was high and that when she’s high she does and says things that she wouldn't do otherwise and when she gave Shoberg that statement she was high and supposedly arrested for an unrelated drug charge and just offered this information up freely. Tabatha was never charged for the burglary on the Veterans center but the other girl she snitched on was. The Citrus Heights Police never, to this day told the veterans center that someone confessed and never gave them any closure on it. Tabatha Sherman works for the Citrus Heights Police, which is why she was never charged. I always figured she did after I was set up in front of her mother’s house when Officer Shoberg pulled up on us when we were moving stuff from her mother’s at 7787 Sayonara DR Citrus Heights Ca 95610 and he jumped out of his car ran up and started searching me illegally like he knew what he was looking for. I was not on probation and I was transporting my legally owned firearm to the trailer park from her moms and it was trigger locked and inside a D.O.J. approved gun safe, locked up in the bed of my truck that Paul Wilt and I welded in the bed of my truck under a locked bed cover for me to be able to transport my gun safely and legally when I had to. The night at Tabatha’s moms, Officer Shoberg took my keys and searched my truck without my permission, he opened my locked, welded down gun safe, pulled my trigger locked gun out, unlocked the trigger lock, put the clip in my Ruger SR40 and arrested me said I was carrying it concealed on my person. I knew I had been set up but couldn't prove it was Tabatha at the time, but I knew it was because I had done nothing illegal and here is Officer Shoberg out of nowhere going straight for my locked up gun I was transporting and is lying and arresting me. When I got the discovery for that case it looked bad on Tabatha, during the court case I could not afford an attorney and my public defender was a joke, they were talking about giving me 8 years for Shobergs’ lies, he even came to court and lied on the stand. The D.A. was talking about 6 to 8 years and I got scared and took a deal against my better judgement and got 30 days and 3 years probation. When the court case discovery of Tabatha and Shoberg and the burglary at the Citrus Heights Veterans Center came out and I seen her statements to him it was a done deal. Tabatha Sherman was framing people with Officer Kyle Shoberg plus she was never charged for that burglary on a f***ing Veterans Center of all places.

Tabatha was in the streets with other people from this operation being heard talking about the Veterans Center burglary, saying that there was guy who worked security at the Veterans center who had a key to the building and he was also working for Officer Shoberg and that him and, Shoberg planned it to where the security guard left the side door of the building open for Tabatha to get in to rob the place. I have looked into what Tabatha said about Officer Shoberg and the security guard and it’s true, which means the level of corruption goes up to the City Manager who was Henry Tingle in 2013 when this burglary occurred.

The City of Citrus Heights had just sold that building in 2013 to the people that put that Veterans Center there shortly before it was broken into and they hadn’t even opened it yet as you will see in the press release. The only way for anyone to have obtained or had access to a key is if they got it from the City Manager and the City Manager would have given it to the Chief of Police who in 2013 was Chris Boyd and Chris Boyd would have given it to Officer Shoberg who gave it to the security guard who was probably put their by the city, then Shoberg would have gotten with his Golden Snitch Tabatha and set the whole thing up at Debby Gardner aka Debby Bradford’s house. The security guard involved in the burglary with Officer Shoberg and Tabatha Sherman was living with undercover CHPD Officer Debby Gardner at the time at the Old Auburn RD house, she is a cop so obviously he is too if he is living with her. I don’t know what the security guard’s name was but it wouldn’t be hard to find out. The whole burglary was planned and done by the Citrus Heights Police Department and their people. Tabatha said that Shoberg had her steal as much as she could she was even telling people she stole California and American flags that were donated to the Veterans Center by the President of the United States of America that she bragged about taking and then setting on fire at Robert Wessels's house and a karaoke machine for singing, those items are not mentioned in the press release so it wouldn’t be hard to confirm through the Veterans Center she bragged about stealing all types of s*** that she brought and spread around the operation to; Robert Wessels's, Frank Timmons's, Debby Gardner's house and to random people at that trailer park that, Mandee Andree helped her sell and trade it off for dope. According to the CHPD it was part of police operations as is all these dirt bags that work for them selling dope. In California burglary is a felony strike and to do something as low as to break into a Veterans Center, the Citrus Heights Police are LOW. Tabatha has never been charged despite a full confession and the general public has no idea about the truth. My guess is, the Citrus Heights Police were trying to make it look like there is crime happening in the city that really isn’t and they used this inside job to make the public believe that so they could get overtime and federal grant money and budget renewed. Someone needs to tell the Veterans Center and with Tabatha going around bragging about it and her and Shoberg and saying she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. Tabatha is a drug addict who now has a kid and is selling drugs for the Citrus Heights Police and bringing her kid around all this and nothing but dope houses. I have been out and about and seen Tabatha and Officer Shoberg meeting up places like behind the old Tom Thumb by McDonald field where they thought nobody could see them and Tabatha would be leaning in the driver side window of his patrol car laughing and I could see them exchanging something but I couldn’t tell what. I have also seen them back there with Tabatha sitting in the passenger seat of his Patrol car with her leg hanging out and her other knee on the dashboard just talking or doing whatever. Tabatha Sherman doing all this and working for the Citrus Heights Police is a big deal and has got to be stopped, she has a very extensive mental health history of suicide attempts and 5150 hold arrests and holds at Heritage Oaks mental hospital and has to take psych medication to be able to function in normal society, when she gets released from the mental facility she has to have an adult come and sign her out, she can’t leave unless its in the custody of an adult who signs her out, she is by law excluded from being able to work for the government, city, state, military of any and all law enforcement thus for she can’t be in police business, give statements or be credible as witness or anything else and here she is working for Citrus Heights Police and framing people and breaking into and burglarizing city buildings with the CHPD and bragging about it and getting away with it. Tabatha Sherman is a public safety risk and is illegally working for the CHPD. She tried to commit suicide at least 3 or 4 times in the past and the first time I know of was when she came over to my apartment at the oak creek village apartments back in 2010 and asked to take a shower and she went in my bathroom and took half of 3 different types of narcotic pills that she filled that day, long story short she collapsed in my shower and stopped breathing, I had to call 911 and give her CPR. I saved her life and she was taken to the hospital and committed on a 5150 hold by the Sac Sheriffs and then a few years later with CHPD she is trying to help Officer Shoberg frame me. While Tabatha was living with me and Paul Wilt at the trailer park before she got kicked out she overdosed on GHB.
I got a call from Paul Wilt while I was out and about saying that Tabatha was in bad shape and needed to go to the hospital because she took a lot of GHB so I rushed home and she was naked on my bathroom floor and I got her dressed and rushed her to Sutter Roseville ER because I couldn’t take her to Mercy San Juan because she is red flagged to have the Sheriffs put her on a 5150 hold because of her history of drug overdose suicide attempts there. How embarrassing is that? She was treated and released and I took her home and she still was working for CHPD trying to frame me.
I broke up with Tabatha Sherman as soon as the discovery with the police report that Officer Shoberg wrote of her giving all these statements about her breaking into to the Veterans Center and her not getting charged but the other girl did plus I had the discovery of when Shoberg and her set me to be falsely arrested at her moms through an illegal search when he took my keys and went straight for my locked up gun and lied about every word in the report he wrote. Robert Wessels, Paul Wilt, Mandee Andree, and Debby Gardner who all ended up being cops anyways all told me that it was Tabatha who was setting me up with Shoberg and it was obvious. After that I broke up with her and threw her out of mine and Paul Wilts trailer and she stayed out of the trailer park because everyone had copies of the discovery about the Veterans Center and was showing and telling everyone so she was exposed. The paper work on her snitching was even all over Facebook. After Tabatha was effectively removed from the circle because nobody wanted her around, she ends up meeting and moving in with some guy named Vince who lived right next to Debby Gardner at 7368 Old Auburn RD Citrus Heights CA 95610 into a house that was a duplex but from the front looked like a whole house. It’s weird but it’s also a police operations house. All the Tabatha stuff happened in 2013 and that was my first run in with the Citrus Heights Police ever, the paperwork for her and the veterans center and the frame job she did to me with Shoberg came out in 2014.
When Tabatha got removed from the trailer park and was an exposed, she was a risk to everyone and cut off by us all. It was then that I let Mandee Andree move in with me and Paul Wilt in #4 because she had nowhere to go. Mandee Andree, despite helping Tabatha sell the loot she had from stolen from the Veterans Center put copies of the discovery where Tabatha confessed and snitched to the burglary on Facebook, no doubt she did that just to get close to me and be able to move in with me and Paul.

I met this guy Vince that Tabatha moved in with at the Trailer Park through Debby Gardner while I was working on Trailer #25, it was a Sunday because Paul was working at an old ladies house he knows that would pick him up every Sunday to do random work around her house for extra side cash and he would come home with groceries at the end of the day when she dropped him back off at the trailer park. While Paul was gone on a random Sunday Debby comes walking in to #25 where I was working and introduces me to this fool named Vince. I didn't like him instantly and I didn't know s*** about him. He was some tall, lanky piece of s***, I instantly thought he was a cop at first glance.

Debby comes at me with some plan that her and Vince wanted to break in to mine and Paul's place right after she introduced him to me and then this stupid c*** sucker Vince pulled out a nickel plated 38 Super in #25 and says he's prepared in case the old man comes home, referring to Paul and that pissed me off so bad, I got right up in his face and asked what in the f*** he thought he was going to do with that? I told Vince if he didn't put that away and get the f*** out of my trailer park or I would shove his gay boy 38 Super up his a**. Debby showed up with this punk, thinking she and he could impress me, I guess... It was over some bulls*** beef that she had with Paul over some stolen CD case she blamed him for taking. I don't know what the f*** either of them were thinking by coming in my trailer park with that bulls***. This was in 2014.

I don't think they were expecting the reaction out of me that they got. After I ran those two off, I finished up in 25 and locked up and went somewhere, when I had returned later, Paul was home and our trailer was robbed. I knew who it was and both those pussies had come back when I left and did it anyways. I talked to Paul and we knew who it was and I went to Debby's and confronted her and called Vince out but he wouldn't come out and fight me, he was a punk a** b*** with a gun that wouldn't man up. I cut Debby off for a little bit and then I went to her house after a week or so and was going to make her give the s*** they stole back. Vince and I exchanged words a few times and he knew he had a problem that wasn't going away, but kept avoiding it, until one day I went to his house and told his dumb a** to walk to the store with me and quit being a punk, that I wanted to have a talk with him. Tabatha had moved in with him by this point in time and before I came over and asked him to walk to the store with me an incident had occurred with Tabatha when I had walked by his house where she was outside and came up to me and wanted to argue about whatever old bulls*** and followed me to Debby's yelling and acting a fool all the way in her driveway which was right by Vince's and then the Citrus Heights Police showed up at Debby's while Tabatha is hitting me and I'm just standing there the cops seen her hitting me and then they arrest me and said that they got a call from a car that was passing by saying I was dragging Tabatha down the street and they arrested me for kidnapping it was all a lie and another set up which the charges were dropped after I spent a week in jail and that's when I got out and went to Vince's house about him robbing mine and Paul's trailer and he walked to the store with me and when we got out of sight of his house he shows me a police badge and says he's a cop and that Tabatha was an informant and that he was the one that called 911 that day the cops falsely arrested me. Vince said there was no car driving by and the CHPD made that up to arrest me and get me out of the way.
He said they had knew I was going to Debby's and that Tabatha was waiting for me to walk by so she could act like a nut and he could let the cops know and they were going to show up and arrest me for lies and say that a car driving by called when it was all a lie and it was Vince himself who called. Everyone knew I didn't drag that h*e anywhere. Vince also told me that Mandee Andree was a cop, Tabatha was an informant and Debby was also a cop. He said that the Citrus Heights Police were using my cell phone as a portal and I don't even know what the f*** that means but he also said that he had originally met Tabatha years earlier at gold club Center Folds strip club. Vince had a lot to say and probably because he had started to much s*** with me and figured he didn't have a choice because I wasn't going away. He needed to come clean so I would back off. The whole thing with him at the trailer park with Debby, when I first met him was all planned and scripted by the Citrus Heights Police Department and it didn't work out how they planned. I'm thinking, motherf***er, I believe him because it’s obvious and its exactly what I had been thinking and he just confirmed it with badge in hand. At this point I know that I'm walking down the street with a f***ing undercover cop who just exposed himself and divulged secret operation information that directly involved me and everyone I know and live around and with.
I wanted the f*** away from that c***sucker and had nothing further to say to him. There are ways to find that a*****e and confirm the conversation and confirm his identity as a cop. I don't know the last name he was using then but I can promise it wasn't his real name since he is an undercover. What I do know is he was using the name Vince, he carries a nickle-plated 38 Super, Smith & Wesson Government model, it’s going to be registered to him and is a rare caliber weapon, not many people have them especially cops as an E.D.C. piece, he lives at 7648 Old Auburn RD Citrus Heights CA 95610 in 2014, he drove an orange custom motorcycle and a green older Jeep Cherokee, he worked as an undercover Cop for the Citrus Heights Police Department and you can see Mandee Andree sitting on his motor cycle in one of her Facebook Pictures that was taken in his garage. She also has a picture of a big Nazi flag that was hanging on his wall on her Facebook. Vince had sense vanished out of Citrus Heights and the last I heard he moved to Organ and is doing undercover work there...

After the conversation with Vince that day I began to think a lot about what he said and what had been going on at the trailer park and all the bulls*** with Tabatha and Shoberg and the set ups and I thought s***.. Why the f*** are the Citrus Heights Police bothering me and having undercover cops around me. At this point I had only met Shoberg that was the only psycho cop that had lied and been harassing me with the fabricated gun case he did on me and he had come to the trailer park multiple times after that harassing me and Paul out the trailer but I had done nothing wrong at all and it was looking like I was the target of a bunch of rookie clown a** undercovers and stupid CHPD that would only be wasting time and money by f***ing with me. I had already been framed and all my rights violated twice at this point by Shoberg and Tabatha and some nameless cops who falsely arrested me with a fake call to 911 that Vince admitted he made by direction of CHPD and I don't have a discovery for because they held me for a week and let me go with no case. By this time Shoberg had harassed me and Paul Wilt a lot and searched my truck and trailer even when I wasn't on probation. I ended up getting my truck towed by Shoberg over more lies he had told to be able to do it and I lost it. So now with this information from Vince I'm seeing the obsessive stalking going on for what it is by CHPD. I was trying to figure out why it was going on. It was obvious Vince was telling the truth about Mandee Andree being a cop because she was involved in a big drug bust at a hotel in Roseville CA at the Heritage Inn with the Roseville PD it was a huge bust that involved meth and identity theft and stolen property and drug sales and her and a guy she hung with named Mike Johnson were the only two who walked clean that were named as being caught in the bust by the local media. It checked out and that was a huge deal because this b**** lives with me and Paul Wilt at the trailer park so I'm thinking what the f***. Obviously, this b**** was working with CHPD and is planted in my home with me and probably plotting. Plus, like I said I knew her from somewhere in the past and I still can't remember yet, but I was going to that's for sure so I keep it in my head and try to figure it out as I continue working and living at the trailer park.

Let’s fast forward a little bit to 2015, plenty more had gone on by this time, but I want to get to the point and fill in the blanks as I go. I have introduced most, but not all, the players and their locations and trust me, there are many more. Its 2015 and a guy named Koke Conners moves in to the trailer park and he is supposedly friends with the owner Larry Axelbaum's son, Brett Axelbaum. Koke moves into the house in the middle of the trailer park and he is an old bummy dope fiend who steals bikes and sells dope, nobody liked him including Paul. Koke showed up at the end of 2015 and he starts trying to step on toes as far as maintenance goes at some time in 2016 and he is claiming to be butt buddies with the owners kid. I could already tell he was going to be a problem and I knew they were going to try and f*** me over and that the cops were involved in it too and there is no f***ing way I was going to let that happen, I did not put in all these years of work in this place and get f***ed out of what it was supposed to be. Anyways by this time as far as everything goes everybody I mentioned above had already gotten way too comfortable around me and I know who is who and what is what and I remembered where I knew Mandee Andree from and where I had met her. Rewind to when I was about 16 years old, I first met Mandee Andree as her real name, Nicole, when I was just a teenager at my girlfriend at the time, Holli Kocean's mothers house. Holli and I would go on to have a kid together and things between her and I would end badly. I call out Mandee Andree about where I had met her before and showed her a picture of my son’s mom and of course she denied it, but I knew she was so full of s***, she stinks. I knew who she was. I was on a mission to prove it and find photo evidence and proof she was a cop, which I did.

Mandee Andree is an Undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer, Nicole Rizzi. You can find her exposed all over the internet from when she use to work for the Washington DC Police Department as an undercover officer who went by the name Missy Thomson and was spying on protesters and got caught and exposed by the protester she on assignment spying on when they seen her all over social media under her real name talking about being a cop and her day to day routine as an undercover cop. The people she had been protesting with for years started gathering evidence and taking photos once they seen her social media in her real name with photos and her talking about being a cop and then they exposed her publicly all over the internet. The news media covered the story also and the TV show Democracy Now even did a show on it, at the time it was a huge deal. After all that world wide public exposure, she was still somehow able to come back to Citrus Heights CA, where she is originally from and get a job as an undercover cop with the Citrus Heights Police Department.

That's when she came looking for me and stalking me out. She didn't become a cop until 2003 which is a few years after her and I first met so I met her before she was a cop at my son’s moms house. My son was born in 2002 and his mother and I split up shortly after that, she was no good and she was abusive. I had to get CPS involved on her and it’s a long story but we shared 50/50 custody and then she moved to Alaska. How custody worked was he was going to fly out there and spend the summer and then come back home but when it was her turn for her visit, she took my son there and try'd to keep him she wasn't going to send him back. She told me to go f*** myself and there was nothing I could do about it... She was sadly mistaking. I got on a plane the very next day and then the following day I was at her front door. To make a long story short, when I got there his mother and her mother was high and drunk and a big bunch of drama went down and she was trying not to give him to me even when I was on her f***ing porch in Alaska with my custody papers. We were arguing and then some piece of s*** b**** comes out from next door and starts saying crazy s*** about me taking pictures of her kids the day before to distract me so Holli could put my son in a car and speed away high and drunk on the ice roads out there. The crazy b**** that was helpping Holli kidnap my son and feed her legal advice about how to do it was officer Nicole Rizzi. I had to get the Alaska State troopers involved and I did get my son back and came home where I immediately went to court and got 100% full legal custody of my son and a restraining order against his mother for the kidnapping. The last thing Holli's mom yelled at me as I was leaving with my son was that I would be sorry when I got to California, this was back in 2010. Nicole looked way different then and when I met her the first time as to when she showed up in the trailer park in 2014. When I first met her at Holli's moms when I was a teenager she dressed like a dude and always had a beanie on covering her head to her eye brows when I seen her again in Alaska she had short hair and dressed different it was the first time I had seen her without a beanie and it didn't occur to me at the time that it was Nicole from many years earlier. when I seen her at the trailer park and when she lived with me, she had long hair dressed like a girl and even changed the way she sounded when she talked. From what I would remember as Nicole the dude looking lesbian b**** who use to come over to my ex-girlfriends moms and drink beer and smoke meth with her so long ago... She knew exactly who I was though and why she showed up and stalked me out and used being an undercover cop for the Citrus Heights Police Department to come after me and that's when I figured out why the cops were framing me was to help one of their own for her psycho personal vendetta the CHPD was helping her carry out Sergeant Dias told me to my face when they started falsely arresting me that they were doing it for Nicole’s family. I found out in October 2017 that Undercover Citrus Heights Police officer Nicole Rizzi also has a brother that she and the CHPD and their operation traffic meth too from Citrus Heights CA to Reno Nevada and he is going by the name Travis Lisenbee. I met him in Reno Nevada and he lives in the blue apartments behind the greyhound bus station that they use at times to move the meth from here to there under fake names. Travis lives at 128 Ralston St, as you can see the Citrus Heights Police also have their families trafficking drugs to and in other states. Travis lives with the main supplier for Reno and they deliver on a black scooter with, plate #171847.

All the years I lived with these people and worked in the trailer park from 2012 to 2016 was all an undercover operation to frame me and as many people as they could all the while all these people are undercover cops and working with Citrus Heights police dealing drugs with dirty patrol officers. The CHPD and these people targeted me for Holli Kocean who is, a kidnapping, child abuser and the CHPD has family to her working for them...

By the time 2016 hit so much has gone on and I'm just doing my thing working at the trailer park like I had since 2012 waiting for Paul to retire but that year is when everything all got put on the table with everyone. Paul had told me Mandee was a cop, Robert Wessels had told me Mandee and Paul were cops, everyone said Frank was a cop, Debby had come clean and admitted she was a cop and that I was the target the whole time. Everyone was pointing the finger at everyone else for being cops. They were getting scared of me having been around for as long as I have and I never went down or got caught up in their set ups or involved in their bulls*** snitch drug dealing.

I did my own thing and seen the stages they set for me to walk on a mile away and I didn't never take the bait. By this time I had seen so much and been around so long that I know all their business and before the CHPD finally just said f*** it and framed me to try and get rid of me to keep me from outting everyone and to settle the score for Nicole's kidnapping family, CHPD tried hella hard to offer me a job asking me what it would take and how much I wanted and I told them to get f***ed that will never happen.

Believe it or not before the final frame job of me it was Officer Shoberg who came to the trailer park and tried that job offer bulls*** and I laughed in his face, told him that's never going to happen I work in the trailer park and will be set as soon as Paul leaves, Shoberg tried that s*** a few times until I told him "Look, I said no and you really need to stop asking me because you're pissing me off and harassing me I will never be a part of your little snitch crew.” At this point it seemed like they were begging me as if they knew it would be the end of them all if I refused.

The CHPD wanted me to sell drugs for them. December of 2016 The Citrus Heights Police showed up at my trailer and arrested me with guns in my back saying that Koke conners who hasn't even been there a year called them and told them I was breaking into my trailer and they tried to say I have never been a resident of the trailer park ever and never lived there before. The CHPD fabricated an entire case with their undercover cops and personal drug dealers. They can’t say I never lived there and they are fully aware that I have and I lived with two undercover cops. Since 2012 at the same trailer my listed address on the fabricated reports is the same as the address they are arresting me at saying I broke into randomly.

This is not the whole story but this is the whole undercover cop operation with names and locations.

You can check out the GoldenSnitches.com post of Mandee Andree aka Nicole Rizzi for more details. All links posted are results of the Citrus Heights Police Department undercover operation exposed above.

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