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Vancouver EastSide

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Const. Taylor Robinson of the Vancouver Police Department was suspended four years after a surveillance video caught him pushing a disabled woman down to the floor on the street.

Const. Taylor Robinson who has admitted to abusing his authority when he pushed a disabled woman to the ground has been suspended for only six days.
Taylor Robinson was captured on video shoving Sandy Davidsen, who has multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, as he walked along a sidewalk in the Downtown Eastside.

Const. Taylor Robinson's lawyer has argued that his client's actions involved an innocent lapse of judgment and that only a two-day suspension was sufficient, though Davidsen's lawyer sought 15 days.

The officer has received lightest punishment after a disciplinary hearing last month by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.
Adjudicator Wally Oppal says the facts are not in dispute and notes the length of time it's taken to settle the matter is unacceptable.

Robinson's lawyer has said Davidsen incorrectly believed his client tried to grab his firearm, though the officer has admitted to using unnecessary force.

Now that statement could be a cover up to protect the corrupt behavior of this police officer this is disgusting unexpectable behavior.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Corrupt Cop
Height: Cop
Weight: Cop
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: Cop
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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