Stinky fat loud




Gayberhood Toronto

Snitch Biography:

Danial Khawaha is the true definition of a snitch. A girl I knew asked me to work with him on some credit card hustle. He is a loud homosexual with bad breath, fat as hell and smells like ass.

Danial pretended to be a trusted guy so he could get more fake credit cards to spend money on his homosexual friends. While doing fraud he met another bisexual Russian just like himself who happened to be friends with another well-known snitch on this site, Calvin Kave, as well as elusive snitch David B. Young (if you have a pic of David Young, a tall black guy who worked at Money Mart please send it to the site to update). Anyway, they all planned a fake 911 call on my people over problems.

My boy got booked for 3.5 grams of weed. Then the police ran in the house with guns for something else and my boy breached his bail and did his time in jail thanks to Danial and his fake snitch friends. They got away with that fake 911 call they made because 51 division Regent Park area knows Daniel,

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court: Daniel Khawaha

works on Homewood as a male prostitute and dresses up as a woman, so he is hard to spot sometimes. He likes under age boys and he is a real snitch. You can tell when he pulls out his phone and says "I'll call the police" lol! Such a Snitch.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Russian
Height: 6.4
Weight: 320lbs
Tattoos: yes
Clothing Style: ped
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

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