Ducky, Ducks, Daniel Guerilla





Snitch Biography:

Ducky grew up in scarborough and use to be a drug dealer he sold drugs for a guy called Blanco,
Ducky later robbed Blanco and Blanco sent his goons to dummy ducky, the cops told Ducky that his life was in danger and this was when Ducky became a confidential informant.

Ducky stopped selling drugs and works on assignment with 31 division in their drugs and gangs unit, he goes around and offers to shoot videos for rappers the cops direct him to contacts and tells him to try and get incriminating information on them, Ducky tells rappers in the Toronto and eastern Ontario area that he will shoot videos for free for them, if you have a firearm in his video you will soon arrested as has happened to several popular Toronto artists.

Ducky has even tried to set up rapper Dre Barrs and disclosed his old location on O'Conner to people and asks information about him and other artists, Ducky tried to get Dre Barrs current address unsuccessfully.

Ducky read the newspaper and saw a popular Toronto rapper Avalanche The Architect was charged over his rap lyrics so he messaged Avalanche and said he wanted to do a documentary on him, Ducky kept messaging and messaging like a groupie until Avalanche agreed, Ducky then offered to shoot music video for Avalanche for free so Avalanche said sure, Ducky told Avalanche if he wanted to tell his friends to bring guns to the video shoot he was cool with this, Avalanche quickly advised Ducky that he had no friends with guns and he did not condone or support such activity. Ducky kept fishing for information from Avalanche but got nothing. Ducky shot some footage but did nothing with editing or putting out the documentary but turned around and asked Avalanche to pay for the video he said he would do for free.

Avalanche told Ducky to f*** himself and Ducky threatened to call the cops, Ducky went to the pigs who told Ducky it was a civil matter. Ducky then tried to set Avalanche up and try to get him to threaten him so he could call the cops on Avalanche but Avalanche ignored Ducky aka Daniel Guerilla and Ducky is so mad now.

Ducky made a 20 second documentary and sent it out to every one including the cops and tried to use that as evidence he didn't get paid.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white but is ashamed of his heritage so pretends he is Spanish or hispanic
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190
Tattoos: home made ones one his forearms
Clothing Style: homeless pedophile style
Sexual Orientation: closet homosexual

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