North York, Ontario 15 Frank Cres North York ont M3J 1C2

Snitch Biography:

Major meth head turned snitch at Toronto’s bathhouses.
His phone number is 416-630-0941
Besides being a kleptomaniac (keep an eye out for your stuff, he loves stealing underwear.) This loser will rat anyone out for a hit of Tina at local bathhouses in Toronto’s gay village. He lives with his mama after his wife divorced him and took him to the cleaners after she found out he was playing her on the down low.

Has called cops on dealers in Toronto if he gets stiffed when purchasing his ice. Known as “Recharged” on most gay hook-up sites.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5ft9
Weight: 140lbs
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: homeless
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Social Media Links:

Known as “Recharged” on Gay Hook-up sites