D'Juan Montrel Hart


January 15, 1979


Bankhead, Atlanta USA

Snitch Biography:

Young Dro called Spodee a rat, the rapper has returned the favor, calling him a snitch in a new Instagram video. Check out Spodee’s latest claim.
In the video, Spodee once again responds to rumors he snitched on Dro, who was arrested on weapons and drug charges. Dro had to serve 35 days in jail, and he blamed Spodee for how things went down. Almost a year later, Spodee isn’t going for it, and he’s offered up some police paperwork to prove his point.

“What you are looking at right here my nigga, is a statement written by Duan Hart,” says Spodee, who rapped alongside the late Bankroll Fresh and T.I. on “I Just Wanna” last year. He’s referring to Dro’s birth name on the police statement.

He then quotes the statement, reciting the words, "it belonged to one artist by the name of Johnathan Carr. That’s me.”
Reading what appears to be a police statement out loud, Spodee says, “Mr. Hart did also specifically name Mr. Carr as the offender in possession of all contraband.” Spodee goes on to say Dro told him it was okay for him to bring his gun because a DJ would claim it, thus alleviating any of them from any liability.
Naturally, Dro’s already clapped back with Instagram videos of his own. According to him, his apparent naming of Spodee in the police documents was only a matter of his refusing to take responsibility for Spodee’s firearm. He also says Spodee’s girlfriend sent the police to his crib to look for more weapons.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:

“Listen, pussy nigga, I ain’t about to take no charge for you! ‘Was that Spodee gun?’ Hell yeah that was Spodee gun!” Dro says in the video. In a few other videos, he continues clapping back at Spodee while dismissing people dissing him in his comments section.

Check out all of the vids for yourself below:



Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: American
Height: 5’9
Weight: 175
Tattoos: No
Clothing Style: Classy
Sexual Orientation: Straght

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