Frazer Vagetta Goku


November 11th, 1989


OSSINGTON and BLOOR (moved from 180 Drayton)

Snitch Biography:

DANFORTH/COXWELL/WOODBINE/OSSINGTON/BLOOR GOOF SUBLEASER!!! Frazer Vagetta Goku he called private investigators to arrange to arrested me in a failed attempt after he sold me $200 worth of the lowest grade weed and I complained when I caught wind of the better stuff. I had been at the Library so I dodge the investigators. He denied knowing me at the scene, but the known fact of his girlfriend being a 222tipper, and had left the house for a week around that time because she had "stirred up too much drama" ironically returned the day after, not assuming me to return, but I did to repay my debt before I moved out. His last prior arrest for sexual assault on his girlfriend, she put him in.

Moral of the story he will suck you dry emotionally black mail you, and when you go to jail steal your things and give it to the new roommates so they have his back.


Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135-145
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: at home nudist, outside female sweater tiny pants, baby gap, walmart, thrift store

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