Detective Constable Suffling Police officer who blackmailed member of the public




Detective Constable at the Bedfordshire Police Department

Snitch Biography:

The police officer put the victim's car registration plate through the police computer so he could track down where he lived and blackmailed him then leaving a note and a copy of the photographs.

The note reads: "You have made an error in judgment. A massive error in judgment."

"The next step is for you to decide. Do you really want the people closest to you to know about this? You made a bad decision and put your perversions above your family. You WILL pay £1,000 today."

The note included instructions for a drop-off point to deliver the money. It demanded that the victim put £1,000 in a lay by 1pm that day.

When police are made aware of his blackmail attempt, the Major Crime Unit is brought in to oversee the investigation.


The victim offered his own funds to plant at the drop-off point to catch the suspect.

Police investigate to see if the victim was set up, so a sex worker, a woman known as 'Kirie', is interviewed. Police were satisfied that she had nothing to do with the blackmail.

Officers discover that someone had done a traceable online search on the victim. The person who had conducted the search was found to be a CID detective from the Bedfordshire Police Serious Organised Crime Unit by the name of Gareth Suffling. The investigating team found that he is on the surveillance team monitoring the drop off area for the £1,000. He was policing his own crimes.

Suffling was arrested by one of his own colleagues and arrested at his surveillance station screen, where the Major Crime Unit's DS Mark Devine comes to arrest him. The 36-year-old was taken to a police station in Cambridgeshire, away from his home turf.

His house was searched, where officers found a torn up draft of the blackmail letter, with copies of the photos he had sent with the letter. Paperwork showed that he was in financial difficulty. CCTV footage of the car park where Kirie was working shows Suffling walking past the gates, waiting for a suitable victim.

Suffling writes a confession, revealing that he acted alone and wanted to help a vulnerable prostitute get on a drug referral scheme. He claims he researched this on his phone. But officers found that he did not search this, but typed in... 'How to Make Crime Pay' and 'Five Best Paying Illegal Jobs'.

Physical Description:

Height: 5ft7
Weight: 170
Tattoos: No
Clothing Style: Undercover cop
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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