Knia Singh, Master Knia, George Singh




4544 Sheppard Ave. E. suite 332 Toronto, On M1S 1V2

Snitch Biography:

George Knia Singh was a gang banger and drug dealer from the don mills area.
His cousin is rapper Daytona.
Knia was a wanna be music manager and then after being charged repeatedly decided to become a confidential informant.
Knia started up the Don Mills Crips and used to provide them with bullets and drugs to sell. Knia Singh after his last arrest got a pardon, and as part of 51 divisions drugs and gang units initiative to round up young black musicians, Knia was instructed to become a lawyer as it would give him unrestricted access to information about crimes and the activity in the streets.
Knia is not a bright guy and failed the law society test numerous times and only passed on his 5th attempt after a special exemption.
Knia has set up numerous young black men and then offered his legal assistance to them after they were in the system because of him.
Knia portrays himself as an advocate for black rights but in fact he is a police mole who has been investigating and plotting to set up Desmond Cole of Black Lives Matter who is a staunch critic of the police and their brutality.
The media also tries to cover up Knia's past. Knia says he is like all other young black men because he has been stopped and carded but what he leaves out is that he has an extensive criminal record for which he applied for a record suspension, if he was harassed it was because he was the stereo typical black male and because of people like him innocent black men have been targeted.
Now Knia switched sides to avoid the pressure put on him by the police, his new boss. Knia is also rumoured to have set up a rapper he use to manage named Don Million. Do not hire this 51 division employee to represent you, if you do you will be found guilty and he will get a promotion.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: indian but pretends to be black so he can exploit black causes
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180
Tattoos: probably of 51 division his employer
Clothing Style: uncle tom style
Sexual Orientation: bi

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George Knia Singh Lawyer Known Toronto Snitch