Geye S Hamby, Gege S Hamby, Racist, School Superintendent




Rome, Dacula, Cartersville and Buford, Georgia (America)

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Another one, but I'm just going to make this quick because there are alot more this month of August 2018 regarding these cases.
So who is this studious individual in a nice suit with his goofy smile and why is he here? Geye Hamby is a 49 year old (as of 2018) superintendent of Buford City Schools in Georgia.
Geye Hamby was hired as Buford’s superintendent in 2006 after working as the district’s assistant superintendent for five years. The Buford City Schools system is one of the best school systems in the state of Georgia, maintaining a stellar reputation for both academics and athletics. Upon his hiring he quotes, "I am looking forward to having a positive influence on students, faculty and staff. I’m a positive person, an optimistic person. I hope to bring that to my position.” He added that it would be a challenge, “Dealing with the growth we are experiencing in the city of Buford, Georgia. And the ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Languages] growth we are experiencing in this area. … Because it is limited growth, we will be able to maintain our hometown feel and community atmosphere. We’ve done an excellent job with the new middle school (opened in July 2004) and that can accommodate more students. We’ve also planned for growth at our other schools.” Hamby has received high praise in his reviews while working in Buford.

Pretty optimistic right? well as of today take all of this positive enlightenment and flip it 180 degrees. As of today, Geye Hamby, has been placed on leave after he was accused of using the n-word multiple times in conversations about black construction workers, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Yup, another basket case that I have to write about for the sake of the
Golden Snitches audience.
First the dissection: Geye Hamby is married and has two children, a daughter and son.
Hamby is originally from Rome, Georgia, and graduated from West Georgia College with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education administration.
He then completed his doctorate at Nova Southeastern University.
Hamby began his career in education as a teacher, working at Coosa Middle School in Rome from 1990 to 1993 teaching math. He then was the assistant principal at Pepperell Middle School in Rome before moving to Cartersville, where he was an elementary school principal. He then moved on to be the middle school principal in Cartersville for one year before taking the high school principal in the same city. He told the newspaper he enjoys hunting and cheering on Buford’s athletic teams. He is also pretty popular in his district because of his position.

Now back to the juicy information, how did the racism scandal develop.
Well it all started when recordings of the conversations emerged in a discrimination lawsuit filed against the schools chief by a former employee.
In the recordings, a man (later identified as Geye Hamby) can be heard speaking about construction workers who were involved in a project at the school, some of whom were black.
At one point in the audio, the man calls the workers “deadbeat n*ggers.”
He then gets upset because one of the workers told him he didn’t have to listen to him. “F*ck that n*gger,” the man in the recording, said to be Hamby, says. “I kill these Goddamn – shoot that motherf*cker if they let me.”

In the second record, the man said to be Hamby again expressed anger about the workers. “And then they had a damn attitude when Phillip spoke to them. They told them: Get off the job site.
But check it out for me.
I haven’t even had time to talk to Dennis about it cause Phillip and Dennis already talked about it, and I know Phillip told two of the n*ggers to get off the damn job site.”

He continued, “Find out. I mean, damn it, we, send a, I park, send us a park-quality person. Don’t send us a deadbeat n*gger from a temp service. … Well, sh*t, we can find you some kids around here that want a damn job.
That’s good people, yeah. Well, look, we’ve got, we’ve got young kids right here that put in the work. They can do more than the damn deadbeat n*ggers, and they don’t have – and y’all pay them to do it.” Mary Ingram’s attorney, Ed Buckley, told WSB-TV, “This recording was sent
anonymously to Ms. Ingram, who is filing a lawsuit against the district of Buford.

We have had it analyzed are prepared to demonstrate that at the appropriate time. We are also confident there will be other witnesses who will identify it as Mr. Hamby’s voice.

Full Audio Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiBglh7vacY

Yup, this racist southern shit snitched on himself on an audio recording.
Since than the recording went viral on social media.
Due to the heavy pressure on Geye Hambe, he wrote his letter of resignation you can see above. Good riddance. Its wierd because according to records he was also an Obama supporter who had turned Conservative after Trump used racial fear-mongering in his campaign to win. However, the thing is this is the south, everyone says (the n-word) all the time. Another fun fact is his net worth, being a superintendent for a school district progressed his reported annual income of $250k+ and a current net worth value of $250,000 - $499,999.
Thats ALOT of wealth, and having it all risked over your self stupidity is a shame. Youre in a position of power and trust, and this recording proved your bias. Thankfully, the world is rid of one racist in power.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 163 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: School Supervisor
Sexual Orientation: Expelled

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Deactivated Social Media Upon Exposure.