A.K.A. goof


Dob 1980



Snitch Biography:

Bio: Glenn Hall will sell you stuff and then call the cops and say you stole it just so he can get high off METH. If a dealer doesn't give him METH free/on the cuff he says he will call the cops on them. Glenn works with the police so he doesn't get arrested for giving 15 year old girls METH. Pleas help by letting people know about this SNITCH Glenn Hall got my 15 year old sister started on Meth.

Facts that would question this informant's credibility in court:
He uses way too much math and goes crazy paranoid and sets people up with the cops he sells as much as you can.
Also Glenn is a paedophile who likes to get girls as young as he can addicted to meth.

Physical Description:

Height: 6.4
Weight:170 lbs
: Clothing Style: like a scub

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