Bleeker St Toronto

Snitch Biography:

The snitch found a good deal on a car for his friend. His friend liked the car and wanted to buy it for a girl who just got her g1 but his friend didn't have a license. Liked the car but couldn't drive it off the lot.

The Snitch has a g2 or g but had fines. His boy paid for the car and his fines so they could get the car off the lot.

No plates, no insurance it stayed parked until June 27th when they believed the car got towed. They called the snitch to get it out from impound he said he would deal with it. Turns out that was the girls birthday and the snitch had gone in early and took the car. A week or two goes by the girl asked to be put on the snitches insurance as a secondary driver (no cost to him) and can help pay for the insurance monthly and whatever other costs associated.

He accepted the money and returned the car in worse shape than it began in but it had plates. She drove the car for a couple of days before she got pulled over and charged for the plates. She found out the snitch had actually stolen the plates from his dad's car and then reported them stolen.

His friend paid a lot of money to help him out and he literally set him up.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Somalian
Height: 6'3
Weight: 240
Tattoos: none
Clothing Style: athletic/sport wear
Sexual Orientation: straight

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