Corrupt Mayor of Citrus Heights CA




Citrus Heights CA City Hall

Snitch Biography:

The Mayor of Citrus Heights California, Jeanie Bruins. She is as corrupt as the Citrus Heights Police Department. She has received many complaints exposing undercover officers in Citrus Heights and blowing the cover of an entire Narcotics operation that is known for corrupt cops framing people and dealing drugs and yet and still she does nothing except try and cover it up and keep the operation going and sends the CHPD to harass and threaten the people exposing it instead of addressing the corruption in the police department and the problems they have created. Someone mailed her a complaint exposing the corruption and blowing the cover of several undercover officers and

racist police officers that are currently exposed all over the internet and in the streets and that are promoting racist photos on social media which I will post the links to as well as the previous goldensnitches profiles that are exposing the entire operation. So what the Mayor Jeanie Bruins did when she received the complaint exposing the corruption is she sent the Citrus Heights Police over to the persons house that she had talked to and asked to send her the complaint, She sent Sergeant Joe Agulair of Narcotics to the persons house with the box that the complaint was mailed to her in, (I will post the photo of the box that the Mayor received at City Hall containing the complaint that she sent Sergeant Agulair to the person who sent it's house with the very box she received it in to threaten the person.) So after the Mayor talked to this person asking for the complaint so she could address it she took the box and sent dirty cops to his house with the box, you will see that she received it as it say received on the box and now the person has it back because the cops showed up at his house with it and threatened that him and his family would be killed because of the complaint and they left the box there trying to scare this person but it did not work. Sergeant Agulair told this person that it is his operation and he runs the undercover cops and the informants and he also let him know that the Mayor sent him there to threaten him and that is why he has the box. The Mayor in Citrus Heights is Corrupt and is involved in the operation that is framing people and dealing drugs and trying to cover it up and keep it going. The Mayor of Citrus Heights is keeping exposed undercover cops who's cover is extremely blown and the dirty operation still operating in the same places while endangering the public safety and lying about it. The Mayor sent her wanna be goons to someones house to threaten the life of him and his family and to have the CHPD tell his mother that her house is marked. So Joe Agulair likes to threaten old ladies and peoples moms and thinks he is a real tough guy when he is a Joke and so are his undercover cops and informants that he likes to speak for and threaten people for when I promise you they are all pansy's and actors who wouldn't say sh*t if they had a mouth full of it, unless they are snitching to the cops. The Mayor is no good and needs to be removed from office and this City needs to be cleaned up of dirty cops and corruption. Check out the links below to see the racist photos posted on social media by undercover CHPD officer Nicole Rizzi who uses the pseudonym Mandee Andree she also has them on her myspace and Facebook under her pseudonym (Mandee Andree) and you will see the racist agenda and hate groups that the Mayor and Citrus Heights Police are out here promoting and pushing the politics of with their undercover officers and then they are selling and using drugs and they are also framing people. So many cases will have to be undone because of this and the Mayor knows that too. Instead of doing the right thing and fixing the problem she is obviously a part of it and you can make up your own opinion of weather or not she has her hand in the cookie jar. I can't imagine she is involved for free. I will include links to Officer Nicole Rizzi being exposed and fired from Washington DC MPD before coming to Citrus Heights and getting a job as an undercover here despite being exposed and fired and I will include links to a bust she was involved in framing people from Roseville CA with Roseville pd also as well as the links to the goldensnitches profiles of the operation. The cops center of operations is 7721 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610, its a Narcotics police property. the entire operation is exposed everywhere and it's only a matter pof time before cops start going to jail everyone knows about it and is exposing it.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: White
Height: 5'5
Weight: 290
Clothing Style: Mayor style clothes
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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