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Florida USA

Snitch Biography:

Jeremy Dewitte is a registered sex offender who was impersonating an officer while directing traffic for a funeral procession reached for his gun during a fight with an actual deputy, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy said he was driving his truck near Minnesota Avenue and Highway 17/92 on Sept. 16 when he noticed a man with a motorcycle who appeared to be a law enforcement officer directing traffic.

A Chevrolet Tahoe then pulled up and that driver, Jeremy Dewitte, got out and then directing traffic, according to the report.
The deputy, who was off duty with his wife and son, saw this same pattern happen at several intersections along Highway 17/92 until Dewitte directed the deputy to move into the right lane, which he was blocking, the affidavit said.
Dewitte, 39, was yelling at the deputy, telling him, "You cannot drive in and out of my funeral" and, "It doesn't matter, get out of my escort, (expletive) boy,".

Dewitte runs a company called Metro State Vehicle Protection Services which bills itself as “central Florida’s premier protection”

Back to Dewitte’s arrest, he was charged with impersonating a police officer during a funeral procession. Ironically, his own helmet cam was full of evidence.

As you can see in the clip, the motorcycle rider stops and directs traffic, speeds multiple times and crosses into lanes for oncoming traffic. If that wasn’t enough, they pass vehicles on a single lane road, weave between traffic and harasses countless other drivers.

Drivers are clearly confused by what’s going on as some stop in traffic, while others pull off to the side of the road. At the 6:45 minute mark, Dewitte can be seen pointing and yelling at the driver of a blue Hyundai to get over. Later, he can be seen telling another driver to “get the f*uck over.”

At the 8:10 mark, Dewitte threatens the driver of a blue Nissan and is told “stop pretending you’re a police officer.”

This leads to an argument where Dewitte tells the person to call 911 and then brags he has it all on video. That’s ironic considering the video is now coming back to haunt him.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Dutch
Height: 6ft
Weight: 190
Tattoos: no
Clothing Style: Cop/police
Sexual Orientation: A Sexual

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