Old Jim Jim, Boy, Old Fart, Crazy for Jesus




Florence, Arizona and Sallisaw, Oklahoma (America)

Snitch Biography:

It's kind of a waste of time on my part to talk about this old fart seeing as by the look of it he doesn't have much time left. However Ill talk about him for the sake of this story so welcome old Jimmy boy to the Golden Snitches Hall of Fame.

Without a further a due, lets dissect everything about him. Jimmy Taylor who is 69 (as of 2018) is a religious heretic pretty much. Born in Oklahoma, he moved to the country in Arizona to be a missionary in order to preach the message of Jesus Christ. Hes been to many places, doing work in Israel to India to even Africa. He documents all this through his Facebook page which he uses avidly. He posts messages of inclusion and his religious teachings online, hoping to convert people. In recent posts shares some unusual comments, cursing while preaching in the name of Christ and likening himself to Christ. After all he is a conservative living in rural Arizona back in America so its easy to see him as this religious heretic.

So why is this fart here? Well American missionary Jimmy Taylor was arrested by police in Uganda after going on a violent racist tirade where he attacked hotel workers and used racial epithets and slurs after he accused them of disgracing Jesus. Yup the fart went on a racist tirade like a joker and worst part was its all caught on film. Taylor was in Uganda as a missionary. He had arrived recently after doing similar Christian missionary work in India. In the near 2-minute violent racist attack, Taylor jumps over the hotel lobby counter, throws and smashes items onto the floor and goes after one employee while another can be seen off to the left.

“You hate Jesus. You hate yourself. You hate me. You disgrace Jesus. Huh? Talk. Talk!” And then he punches the hotel front desk staffer in the face. The man restrains himself. Folds his arms and takes another hit. “Come on bitch. Come on, whore. You open my f***ing room. I’ll f***ing kill you.” And he strikes the man again. An employee, possibly a manager, in blue shirt, comes into the frame and Taylor says, “Sir, sir. He has disgraced Jesus, he has disgraced Jesus.” And then Taylor strikes the man again and again. The employee pushes back but Taylor keeps going. “I’m not gonna tolerate no more. Jesus is not gonna tolerate it …Yeah, film me,” he says when he realizes a camera is recording him.

Yup, behaving delusional and permitting the individual to continue recording as if he just approved of the self-snitching. It doesn't stop there, “Fuck Uganda. I come to love Uganda. I come to help Uganda but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-bitch. You understand me. Yes, I know you do.” And then puts his hands on the hotel employee in the blue shirt’s face. The employee pulls away. Taylor then says, ““No! No! You obey what I say. I don’t obey you. Open my f***ing room now!”

Followed by, “You understand? You understand n***er b****. N***er. Look at me! Look at Christ who died for you. Look at me. Look at Christ.” The employee who Taylor repeatedly attacked is his primary target. The employee tries to walk away and Taylor cracks him on the back of his head.

Full recording of incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG1Nt-aSxqM

Guess what happened, well the power of social media brought this man to justice like usual. Social media blew it up, all the information they need on the character is exposed for the world to see etc. The footage eventually reached the Ugandan police, who later identified and located the fart.

Old Jimmy is arrested and charged with assault there after. In his defense he claimed he had PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Here's my take, I believe in science more than religion. I'm not a fan of religious folk especially people who are this invoked into trying to convince you their god is great. Old Jimmy is mentally unfit to be a missionary in the first place. He talks about disgracing Jesus yet uses such violence, bigotry and hatred to get his message of Christ across. I may not be religious but that's disgraceful. Just hope hes learning his lesson in Ugandan jail. Sorry old Jim Jim but you did this to yourself.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 100 Lbs
Tattoos: Nope
Clothing Style: Country Boy
Sexual Orientation: Bipolar

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.taylor.18400700?fref=nf