Pedophile, Local Noble Peace Prize Winner, Diddler, Garbage


22 as of 2018


South Florida, Upper Manhattan, New York, Washington D.C (America)| Paris (France)

Snitch Biography:

Oh America, you breed the most garbage nasty people and I almost feel sorry for you. So this next guy is not a racist. He's more garbage than that, so what can be more garbage than that? Well keep reading. Joel Davis is a 22 year old (as of 2018) is an IVY League student, he is a rising star in the activism world, he worked for the United Nations as a Youth Ambassador for the "UN Special Representative for on Sexual Violence and Conflict" between 2014-2016, he also served as the Chairman for "The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict" until May of 2018. He studied law, archaeology and anthropology at the University of Oxford as well as French studies at the Sorbonne in Paris between 2011-2012. In 2015, Davis began studying classics at Columbia University. As part of his UN work he traveled to several countries to promote his works and even worked with actress Angelina Jolie at a point. He also founded and served as the Executive Director for the International Organization "Youth to End Sexual Violence". According to local news reports when Davis was 19 years old he was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work trying to end sexual violence.

Now while maybe people reading this are like hmm? This guy seems to be a great guy. Well here's when the story takes the most disgusting turn ever. This week in 2018, Davis has been exposed by both himself and the FBI as a disgusting, perverse, piece of garbage.

On Tuesday June 26th, Joel Davis was arrested and charged with One count of "Attempting to Sexually Exploit a Minor", One count of "Enticing a Minor Under the Age of 18 to Engage in Sexual Activities", One count of "Possession of Child Pornography", One Count of "Receipt and Distribution of Child Pornography". Those counts carry a sentence between 10 Years-Life in prison in America.

Yes guys hes a pedophile, a nasty child molesting pedophile. So how and why did this happen? How is he a snitch? So lets break it down.

Over the last several weeks between May and late June 2018, the FBI engaged in a STING operation to catch child predators. You have undercover agents posting messages on fetish website message boards, writing things like, "Looking for no limits TABOO pervs in DC area. Bi dad here". On May 15th, 2018, an individual using a screen name "yngperv22" responded to the message with, "Need me to come down and watch your kids for a night :)". This user was later identified as our culprit, Joel Davis and oh it gets juicier.

That conversation between Davis and the FBI agent soon turned into text messages, Davis than allegedly wrote that he was in children ages "0+ and had no limits". Also saying that he, "had a sexual experience with a nine month old boy, six year old girl and seven year old boy". At one point in the conversation the FBI agent told Davis that he has an 8 Year old daughter. In another conversation another agent told Davis he had a 9 year old daughter. To which Davis replied, and warning this gets really explicit.., "If you're legit, Id love to come down and eat her p***y" (for the eight year old daughter), "God id love to eat her pussy", "We can watch baby vids too", "While u f*** her", "I just want to eat her c**t", "I want to eat her c**t so bad" (for the nine year old daughter).

Over the course of the conversation Davis arranged to meet the eight, nine and another two year old. Davis sealed the deal on himself when he sent the agents horrifically graphic images of infants engaged in sexual activities with adults.
He even went further to ask the undercover agents to takes photos of their fictional nine and eight year old asking them, "when do you have the baby alone next?", "I mean even for a few minutes enough to Facetime" (for the two year old).

Police had enough evidence to search his home, and found a huge stash of child pornography on his cellphone. According to authorities after his arrest, Davis not only ADMITTED to having an sexual interest for infants and toddlers but also for the child pornography on his phone and even trying to meet up with the fictional children through these texts.

Now my opinion, A big thank you to everyone involved who brought this monster to justice but most of all a BIG THANK YOU to Joel Davis for putting himself in the dirt where he belongs. I think the reason this is incredibly troubling to me as a parent is that monsters like this because they want to get to children, they put themselves into positions where they get that access and because of that access it also shields them. So they work in schools etc.

Just as a reminder, people should really take caution with their children.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Latin American
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 150-200 Lbs
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: Student
Sexual Orientation: Pedophile

Social Media Links:

FBI Removed Social Media Accounts after Child Predator Investigation