John Rajah, John Natkunafa**ot, Pillow Talker, Wierdo




Toronto and Markham Ontario

Snitch Biography:

Basically this kid is on here because hes a pillow-talking rat he threw my cousin under the bus for his girl way back. His girl, Ariel the nasty thing, got on Instagram and tried to "expose" him (not mentioning names he knows who im talking about). He's a rat because alot of this info was shit that he trusted him with. This kid is a weirdo, so let me do my due diligence and expose who this kid REALLY is.

John is an upper middle class Tamil guy whose parents went all the way out to provide for and shape this guy into a hardworking gentleman. He is a christian/catholic Tamil, not Hindu like most Tamils so hes more open to certain things Hindu Tamils wouldn't normally do. Hence hes named John. He graduated highschool and went to Ryerson, hes worked with companies like Bell and currently does security for GS4. He has 2 brothers and one older sister who is very hardworking (she has a blog channel). He does his best to be a model citizen, when I came over to his house a few times his parents always tell him never to get involved in anything related to crime and guns etc.

Here's where his behaviour is weird, this guy loves to puff out his chest and act like some bad guy sometimes, granted he drinks alot and when you drink you always feel confident. When he gets confronted about it, his balls shrink. Here's the juicy part though, he likes talking s*** about people... alot of s***... his mouth is basically a toilet... but nobody really knows that he is really depressed on the inside.

He posted statuses on Facebook back in 2014 talking about how he was in a depressive state and needed people to help him. People encouraged him to feel better that they are here for him.

Take that in and tell me, if you're really that depressed and want people to help you. Why put other people who trusted you under the bus, why do you talk s*** about people as if you're better than them?

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Sri Lankan Tamil
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 150 pounds
Tattoos: on his arm
Clothing Style: Tamil
Sexual Orientation: Bi and hairy

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