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Scarborough, Downtown Toronto (Canada)

Snitch Biography:

I'm here to bring you our next inductee and trust me I've been keeping a close eye on this nasty. Hes a Christian/Catholic Tamil and trust me, Toronto Tamils, all of them, want nothing to do with this guy.

Without a further a do, I introduce: Joseph Thayakaran Joseph. So who is this guy and why is he here? Well for those who find his name familiar, he is one of Toronto most prolific registered sex offenders. He classes in the same registry as Paul Bernardo, who is Toronto's most violent sex offender. Joseph is a Christian/Catholic Tamil whose parents grew up in Sri Lanka, hence hes named Joseph. For those who don't know Sri Lanka is comprised of majority Hindu Tamils, few Muslim Tamils (Muslim converts) and some number of Christian/Catholic Tamils (these were Tamils who converted during the British colonization era of Sri Lanka). He grew up in the 70s of Toronto, likely born in Sri Lanka during the time as well. He is believed to have lived in the Warden and Finch area of Scarborough (Brookmill), going to L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute during high-school years, and likely have moved more residential in later years.

So how did he come to be a registered sex offender. Well on July 21st, 2005 the Toronto Police conducted an investigation after almost a dozen women called in to report sexual assault claims. Focusing on specifically one job seeking women. According to police, a man persuaded a woman to meet him early this month at a coffee shop for a job interview. But instead, he abducted her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her, she told police. Publication of her story brought new leads that helped police make an arrest.

During that period Joseph had been arrested for the first time for assault, sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon and forcible confinement. It doesn't stop there however.

Joseph was a weirdo character who lead different personas. I say this because Joseph upon being arrested admitted to the courts how he would "pose as an employee from prestigious companies to lure woman into having sex with him". Yes, this creepy nasty diddler boastfully claimed he was occasionally successful in convincing women to engage in consensual sex with him. During the time of the arrest, Joseph was the leader of a headhunting company. A headhunter is a company or individual that provides employment recruiting services.

At his trial, court heard Joseph admittedly snitched on himselph pretended to be a vice-president of entertainment and media giant Viacom to seduce 20-30 women from 1995 and 2005. His conviction came with the testimony of two young women. One who was kidnapped at gunpoint and one before that. Court heard Joseph approached his first victim, a 23 year old student and single mom, as she waited at a bus stop near a Centennial College campus in Scarborough on June 6, 2005. He enticed the woman into his vehicle by offering her a personal assistant job and invited her to go to a Tim Hortons. As he drove past the coffee shop, Joseph told the woman the work involved organizing parties for Jay-Z and Beyonce and there would be a sexual element to the job, court heard. He then locked the vehicle’s doors, forced her to perform oral sex part of her job interview, then told her she was hired. A month later, Joseph invited a 22 year old Burlington waitress to meet him at a Tim Hortons in Scarborough for an interview. He persuaded her to get into his vehicle and as they drove away from the coffee shop she noticed he had a replica gun, court heard. The victim had no idea at the time the gun wasn’t real. Court heard Joseph forced the woman to perform oral sex on him, while his wife and child were waiting for him in a nearby church, then dropped her off at Tim Hortons.

He was convicted in 2008 of three counts of forcible confinement, two counts of sexual assault, and one count each of sexual assault with a weapon and assault. This amounts to eight years and 10 months. However it doesn't stop there. in February 2018, he was given his released and the public was warned. However in just under two months, he ends up breaching his parole and ended up getting nabbed again. Police allege that Joseph frequented dating websites, specifically "Seeking Arrangements", claiming to be a doctor and offering to help women financially. He has used the name “Dr. Lewisus,” and offered prescriptions for medical marijuana.

According to the bail conditions provided in the media release, Joseph must report to police weekly, is barred from entering a relationship with a woman until they have been identified to police, cannot use social media accounts without permission, and cannot contact a person on social media without permission 24 hours in advance. He is required to provide social media passwords to police, and must report his employment or change of addresses or phone numbers to police within 24 hours.

Back behind bars. Hope he stays there forever.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Sri Lankan Tamil
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 156 Lbs
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: Indian Stripe Shirts and Kaki Pants
Sexual Orientation: Registered Sex Offender

Social Media Links:

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