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  1. Oh wow. Funny seeing this goof on here. Joshua Brown used my 5 month old sons sudden death to start a gofundme account for which he never gave me any of the $500 raised. He demanded he be in control of all the money despite saying on GoFundMe that it was for his urn, which I had to pay for so he could use the money on dope then turn around and accuse me of being a “lowlife junkie”. Funny thing is, I have numerous texts from this scum of the Earth talking about getting high with his boyfriend who’s name he mentions. Oh how karma sometimes works. He thinks because he lives in Toronto that he is above others meanwhile Ontario Works pays his rent. He thinks he is a literary genius because he learned a couple five syllable words. He is a snake of the worst kind who used an infant’s death for his own profit. Karma. Hopefully someone sees this goof and gives him some karma.

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