Jovanny The Downlow Homosexual, Mr. Im Too Up For Anyone




Toronto, Victoria Park, St. Claire, Downtown Toronto

Snitch Biography:

Covered this story, his ex girlfriend Samantha Rosemary Jagasar is a rat, and so is he.
By all means theres a video where he got hired by 222-TIPS for fucks sake, and dude allows himself to be filmed bieng there.

Tips video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oazHeqOfKEI

Heres the issue, I wouldnt post this guy up if he acted like a good yute, and stuck to his job. Instead of involving himself into street shit in Toronto. This goofy is a privileged Jamaican kid, whose parents who go the extra mile to provide for. However, he knows nothing about poverty in Toronto and constantly tries to insert himself into the hood life of Toronto. This kid went to SATEC of all schools, a schools known for its students with good merit, as 90% of students who go there live above the poverty line. He ended up joining the football team, and even graduated to Ryerson.

Yet he tries to get involved in the streets, by talking about street niggas. Niggas who trap for a living because of their own poverty stricken issues. Even once created a podcast talking about kids who grew up underprivileged but eventually took it down. He talked about kids who wear the same clothes everyday, mocking them. How barbaric they can be at times which is a wierd topic of discussion etc.

So niggas robbed him and shunned him and during that period hes been dating that trini thot Samantha Jagasar. They are both rats. All of this is true. You should probably educate yourself and try to understand the impoverished lifestyles that most of these individuals face before you target them for your gossip wierdo. Fish.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Jamaican
Height: 5'8''
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Privileged Black Kid
Sexual Orientation: Playboy

Social Media Links:

Deactivated all forms of Social Media, as weve known.