The Matharoo Sisters, Kardashians of Toronto, Nigerian Gold Diggers from India, Self-Snitching


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North York, Ontario, Canada | Nigeria | India

Snitch Biography:

Femi Otedola is a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur philanthropist, and chairman of Forte Oil PLC, an importer of fuel products.
He is also the founder of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd, and the owner of a number of other businesses across shipping, real estate and finance.
He has recently invested in power generation as part of the liberalisation of the sector in Nigeria.
In December 2016, Otedola was embroiled in a controversy where two Toronto-based sisters—Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo—reportedly tried to extort him by cyberbullying and blackmail, claiming they had evidence of Otedola cheating on his wife that they would post on a notorious sex-scandal website.

Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo are two Indo-Canadian sisters whose parents emigrated from East-India to give them a better life. Growing up in upper middle class, The father of Jyoti and Kiran was a Rexdale cab driver who struggled to educate them at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School in Toronto. While Jyoti graduated in 2003, Kiran left the school in 2004. They were said to be party animals back in Canada, becoming fixtures at its most popular night clubs.

To many who viewed their social media, It was rumored that they came into Nigeria to consult a restaurant owner in the opening of the restaurant but lost their contract with the owner due to their reputation of escorting and prostituting amongst wealthy married Nigerian men.
There is absolutely no way Restaurant consulting or catering could fund the way these girls live.
Their names popped up on a few websites confirming that they exposed themselves funding their lifestyles by sleeping around with wealthy Nigerian men in Nigeria which is why they were frequenting Nigeria.

Now when you see them they are living the life. Private jets, luxury yachts, exclusive VIP parties, a closet full of the choicest designer clothes, shoes and bags. How is this possible?
The sisters left their home country of Canada to set up a base in Nigeria in search of greener pastures.
Now why Nigeria?
Well for one they understood that being light-skinned, extremely beautiful and with the slightest hint of a foreign accent in a country like Nigeria will take you places and buy you things you can only afford to dream of in some backwater town in Canada.
They started off as managers in charge of a very pricey restaurant situated in a high-brow area of Lagos and frequented by society’s high and mighty; but with curvaceous bodies to kill for and faces straight out of a magazine cover, it was only a matter of time before the sisters struck gold.
So they found their very green pastures – in the pockets of politicians and oil magnates who would give anything to be in the company of ‘living goddesses’.
They get invited to the most exclusive parties in and outside the country and they go everywhere with heavily-armed security details.
The Matharoo VIP friendship list also boasts of quite a few celebrity names including Wizkid, Jennifer Obawuyana, celebrity stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo among others.

Full extensive detail of this incident was unfolded in an article by the Toronto Life magazine:

Self-snitching allegations begin with a website called "Naijajistlive.com".
During this period, Kiran was dating Otelado and was already deep into her riches in Nigeria.
What started as an anonymous Instagram gossip feed turned into its own domain.

The founders of the domain would post scandalous things about the wealthy elite in Nigeria.
This included the sisters themselves, stating that they were prostitutes. Many in Nigeria speculated the sister's created the website.
In December 2016, the sisters were brought in for questioning after they traced and arrested the owner of the website. After interrogation, they were told to write an appeal and they complied.
They believed the sister's owned the website.
They were arrested days later, passports were seized and were told to confess before a camera. Which they did.

Confession: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIx7J2gB4F8

Afterwards there passports were returned and they were sent home.
Canadian and Nigerian press blew up the story once they returned.
The case was officially dropped in February 2017 and a reluctant consensus emerged that they were likely not the owners of NaijaGistLive.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: East Indian
Height: 5'6'' - 5'8'' (Both Sisters)
Weight: 100-130 Lbs (Both Sisters)
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Wealthy 1 Percent
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Social Media Links:

Jyoti Matharoo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jyotimatharoo/?hl=en
Kiran Matharoo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiran_matharoo/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLWmTD1Ekro4sMEN1dkH0Q