K Money, Kareemallah Muhammad


1999 Jul 12


Spadina and Queen, PO Hood

Snitch Biography:

K money (Kareemallah Muhammad) snitched on Roney prior to his arrest...
The only reason why Roney was in for so long is because K Money Snitched him out to get a lesser sentence.

The song Come Outside by K Money is directed to Regent Park mans. Prior to this post my boys robbed K Money for his work and his chain.

Roney and K Money were hustling and working together they both got caught up in the same shit but how did K Money only do two months Roney did 3 and a half years?

K Money is not saying anything in the video Come Outside but it's just a diss track to the Regent Park mans and Roney talking about K Money snitching.

If you listen to Roney's new song and listen to the last part of it that's to K Money.
He's not saying any names but if you listen to it that's where he says, "I'm going to catch him by the stop sign, I'm going to punch him in his gold Grillz" that's directed to K Money.

See I was sitting kicking sipping moon shine
Locked down all week doing hard time

See i was on house arrest but it got real
I got knocked for a breach went downhill

I tried plea but police told me no deal
524 had me sitting eating cold meals
Every time he sees us he get the cold chills
A freeze up like ice when he stands still

Ima punch him in his gold grill
Bring all of your dawgs ima turn em into road kill
They was snitching to the 12's I had three trials
They was happy I was gone for a long gone
Was in the city but they shipped the boy outta town
Had nobody by myself had to hold it down
They let me out a year early got me on parole

They tried to ban me from my city but i'm coming home

The one part starred of that song is for K Money

And on a personal note I think K Money should be banned from the Toronto Hip-Hop scene
Just like Lil Xan is banned straight facts.

I'm a Roney supporter and a fan but honestly we're going to come to the politics and this shit about Roney and K Money is true. K Money is a true snitch a real snitch from the 416 a real snitch from Queen Street West.

This type of beef happend between K money and Roney when they were working these girls.

It's just roadside beef these two mans from different ends are bringing back real politics.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Mixed
Height: 5,8
Weight: 99 lbs
Tattoos: yes
Clothing Style: boujee
Sexual Orientation: Straight on the street but when locked up gay for the stay

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