Kaitlynn, Baby Kay, Kaykay




Methuen, MA

Snitch Biography:

Pathological liar . A typical white girl from the suburbs wanting to be 'gutta' and acting like a fool trying to prove herself. She dates a certain type of guy (usually in prison) and will call the cops/prison to snitch for petty reasons.

She lies and has no limits to what she will say to get her way. She will try to play it off like nothing happened, but once a snitch always a snitch.
She is always toeing the line between civilian and gangbanger b**ch but in reality she's a 0/10 on the gangster scale and she will hide behind whoever she happens to be dating at the moment.
She claims to hate rats but she is a rat herself.
She's a dangerous snitch because she will say whatever she needs to in order to make herself the victim.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 5 ft 2
Weight: 90-100 lbs
Tattoos: arms, hands, chest, etc
Clothing Style: wannabe hood rat
Sexual Orientation: straight

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