Kajan, KajanR


March 8, 1992


18 Skipperhill Crescent, Scarborough / Ponymeadow Terrace, Scarborough, Toronto

Snitch Biography:

So this is the worst kind of snitch, the one who likes to make up information for police when trying to get rid of people in order to upgrade themselves. Also a snitch to cover his own attempted crimes, but mostly just a wannabe snitch who resorts to lying in order to succeed.

This guy works at RBC Royal Bank of Canada and Fusion Radio in Toronto, he used to work at Rouge Valley Health System - Centenary Hospital in Scarborough as well. He also attends University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa now because he couldn’t do anything with his U of T degree (his grades were s***). Funny I guess because he works at a bank but he commits crimes such as theft and fraud, including cash theft and impersonation. He’s also been known to take equipment if he can, claiming it’s broken or outdated. Now he's resorted to stealing things and blaming other people he works with... so sad.

Basically the dude has been lowkey pocketing some money from events his organization has run, unbeknownst to those around him (or moreover can’t be proven) and also finds some securely stored money and pockets that as well, just enough to go unnoticed. He also seems to skim off reimbursements he claims for things like gas etc. He uses his RBC position to look into other people’s accounts and has used that intel for more sketchy activity with his brown fraud friends. He even works with drug dealers and other fraud artists to launder money through various channels to make money, video of him with stolen money here: https://goldensnitches.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Kajan-Copy.mp4

Like most snitches he gets scared easily, and since he knows he has done a bit of thieving, when the police come for something unrelated he starts talking fast, trying to paint a false picture of others in order to divert attention. He tries to cover his tracks by deleting various accounts and making stuff up even as he’s working with police. Innocent? That’s OK, he’ll give up your address and phone number, and suggest you’re a bad person even if you just joined the team and know nothing about anything. When the bosses aren’t around, he talks down to you and suggests you’re up to no good when he knows he’s the one up to no good.

Stay away from this weirdo. He’s also racist against white and black people, but especially black people (brown power!) and only has loyalty to other brown people who he can fool with his good guy attitude. He’s bitter he can’t ever seem to get a girl, doesn’t have sex for a year or more at a time so he tries to lure young girls any way he can but is always unsuccessful. Probably has him turning gay out of desperation as you can tell there’s something queer about him. All good to be gay but at least own it buddy, even if your brown community doesn’t accept homosexuality.

More updates and evidence coming soon.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: brown - Indian, Tamil?
Height: 5’9
Weight: 130
Tattoos: none
Clothing Style: preppy brown guy
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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Phone: ‭647-882-3610‬
Home: 416-332-1072
Email: kajan.ravindran@hotmail.com

Kajan Ravindran