Kamal, Driftwood Rat, Mali Rat


1992 (26 in 2019)


Jane and Finch (Driftwood), Toronto (Canada)

Snitch Biography:

This is essentially Driftwood politics. Driftwood is one of the more at-risk neighborhoods in all of Toronto. It is located along the Jane and Finch intersection (Uptop). This case deals with a situation dated as far back as 2015. It involves four people: Kwasi "Wassi" Skene-Peters, Abdiwel Abdullahi, Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie and our Golden Snitch inductee Kamal Hassan. Heres some background.

Kwasi "Wassi" Skene-Peters is the focal person of this case. Kwasi or Wassi, is a beloved figurehead in the Driftwood community, however his path was troubling as is many Driftwood youth. In September 2005, when Skene-Peters was around 11 years old, he was crossing a footbridge at Jane St. and Driftwood Ave. and came across the body of 24 year old Andre Burnett. The man had been shot several times and left for dead on the bridge. By the time Kwasi was 16, he was serving time at the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in Brampton. It was while he was already in custody at the center that Kwasi was charged in the December 2011 Project Marvel raids, in which police forces across Canada simultaneously executed search warrants targeting guns and gangs, resulting in more than 60 arrests. After being granted bail on the Project Marvel charges, Kwasi was arrested again a few months after his eighteenth birthday and charged with a weapons offence, the report says. Toward the end of 2013, he was still in custody awaiting trial. “Sir, if that judge thought I was a monster as he described us at sentencing, the world is going to see a monster when I get out of this hell hole this place made me a monster, every day I am literally fighting for my life,” a 16 year old Kwasi told researchers.

Kwasi’s troubles seemed only to intensify as he entered his twenties and thats where I bring you to this case. On June 2015, police issued a warrant for his arrest on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Abdiwel Abdullahi, 26, and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, 26. The two men were found dead in a 22nd-floor unit of a condo just north of Liberty Village (Downtown Toronto) on June 28. The shooting deaths of the two men came at the tail end of a three-day party in the unit. Another man wanted in relation to the June shootings, Kamal Hassan, 23, turned himself in and was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. However, Kwasi's fate took an awful turn. Kwasi Skene-Peters, 21, had been on the run since June 28 when two men were found shot dead at the end of a raucous three-day party in a 22nd-floor condo unit near Queen St. and Dovercourt Rd. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, which is now looking into Saturday’s shooting, said police officers approached a vehicle on Peter St. shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday and had an “interaction” with a man. The man was shot and taken to St. Michael’s Hospital, where he died just before 4 a.m. That man was later identified as Kwasi Skene-Peters. Kwasi had gotten into a shootout with police. At least five police cars were in the vicinity and eight bullet holes in the windshield of a white sedan parked nearby, which had all its doors open and lights on.

The case is not over however. Trials have been continuous for one guy in particular and thats Kamal. Police were later able to obtain elevator footage of the area they were in. This footage shows an accused killer, Kamal, allegedly re-enacting a double murder committed less than an hour before in downtown Toronto. Leading the Crown to believe that Kamal had a part to play in this situation.

Elevator Surveillance Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfVnwIUpB38

The video shows Kamal Hassan and Kwasi Skene-Peters alone in a highrise apartment elevator at 10 Eddystone Ave., in northwest Toronto, about an hour after two men were gunned down inside a downtown short-term rental condo. Mohamed Dirie and Abdiweli Abdullahi, both 26, were shot to death just before 7 a.m. on June 28, 2015 in a condo at 36 Lisgar St., near King St. W. Dirie was shot three times, twice in the neck and once in the face. Abdullahi was shot twice to the left side of his face. Also of note is that Kwasi can be seen on the video wearing a prominent gold necklace a necklace he was not wearing in a separate video, recorded earlier that morning at 36 Lisgar. Earlier surveillance video taken on June 28, 2015 at 36 Lisgar shows Dirie wearing a prominent gold necklace. Hassan has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. He is on trial by himself because Kwasi was shot to death outside a nightclub in the Entertainment District after exchanging gunfire with Toronto police on July 25, 2015.

With that being said, the reason Kamal is here is because of what occurred in Januray 2019, 4 years since Kamal's sentence. Trials are still occurring and Kamal made an ultimate decision. To come clean. Hassan had ended up testifying to court and pointing the finger at Kwasi for the murders. A “nightmarish” situation unfolded, Hassan told court, when he fled the 22nd-storey unit using the stairs and was followed closely behind by Kwasi, whom he knew from his upbringing in the Jane St and Driftwood Ave. area. “I’m scared,” Hassan testified. “I didn’t know what his next move was.” “What am I going to say? He has two guns. He killed two people. I’d never say ‘get the f--- out of my car.’” Kwasi was rocking back and forth, shouting excitedly, “I’m two up, I’m two up, I’m two up,” Hassan testified. “One up means I killed a person, two up means I killed two people. That’s what people usually say when they kill people ... it’s like a score.” How did that make you feel? “This guy’s f---ing crazy. I’m hoping I’m not the next guy he kills.” Still in the car, Hassan said Kwasi asked him for some napkins, which he handed over, and “he begins wiping blood off the chain” he had taken from around Dirie’s neck.
Kwasi also had blood on his dreadlocks, Hassan said. The driver, his friend “Gerber,” pulled into a gas station and jumped out with the other passenger, leaving Hassan alone with Kwasi. Hassan said the killer then told him they’d drive to the building where Hassan lived with family. “I wasn’t going to argue with a person like that who I just seen kill two people.” Hassan said he was in “survival mode” and did everything Skene-Peters asked — including wiping down the car for fingerprints and blood — to convince him he was OK with what happened and that he wasn’t a rat. “I wanted him to feel comfortable.”

Hassan also agreed prosecutors got it right when they said that elevator surveillance cameras recorded him re-enacting the two murders about an hour after they happened. “Basically, I’m glorifying what he did,” Hassan said, narrating the footage shown on several monitors. “I’m in survival mode. I just wanted to get through the storm.”Inside, he testified, he was “s---ing bricks.” Hassan said when he saw that Toronto police put out a warrant for his arrest, he immediately turned himself in.“I knew in my heart I was innocent,” he said.

Thats that, he outed himself as a rat. He was never meant for that lifestyle. Im not going to expand any further.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Somalian Canadian
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 154 Lbs
Tattoos: Unknown
Clothing Style: Driftwood Somali
Sexual Orientation: Dhillo

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