The Louis Vuitton Don, Ye, Yeezy, and Konman


June 8, 1977


Hidden Hills, California

Snitch Biography:

Kanye West is a snitch!
Kanye West says he never told Pusha T about Drake’s son Adonis which gave rise to the beef, more snitching and the diss track “The Story Of Adidon.”
Kanye said:
“Drake called trying to threatening me”

“And if anything happens to me or my family you will be the the #1 suspect”

I always knew he was a snitch, I really never liked this guy he made a couple of hit tracks, but what put a bad taste in my mouth was when I met a nice woman who claims to be Kanye Wests baby mother, now the way this conversation came up and how we met was particularly strange so that’s how I know she was telling me the truth.

I won’t name her but I’ll fill you in, she is a very nice woman who works very hard and I was telling her about my grandfather and how he was the mayor and a billionaire, and how he left my father in poverty as a child.
This conversation came about in a job interview that she was applying for in Toronto Ontario.
I realized in conversation that this is the truth about her son who is now in his 20's.
“He is Kanye Wests son” she also said that, “he has never helped us out at all and that they’ve been struggling over the years.”

It’s funny that Kanye will snitch about Drake when Kanye himself has a child with a woman that he has abandoned and forced into a life of poverty. This nice woman held down a good career that she hated and that made her cry to raise his son and in my opinion she’s a really great person and a good mother who deserves this story to be told and I hope she comes forward on her own after seeing this. It shows that Kanye is not only a snitch but a deadbeat two-faced hypocrite.

Kanye says he takes medication and that he has a mental illness but that doesn’t explain the way he stereotypes people due to his way of thinking for example, Kanye comments that “slavery was a choice” and in another situation West Calls Racism "Dated" and "Silly," Addresses White People Using N-Word at His Concerts, and says West doesn't think that racism is a black-and-white issue.
I say people who are like Kanye West are not necessarily mentally sick. It’s simple they have a lack of understanding due to the lack of sensitivity that they have for other people.

Kanye West took the whole world by surprise on Friday morning when he took to Twitter to dry snitch on Drake and warn him not to run up on him.


Snoop Dogg launches expletive-ridden attack on 'racist' Donald Trump and Kanye West:

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian slam DRAKE on social media:

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: African-American
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 75kg
Tattoos: Yes on his arms
Clothing Style: Homosexual
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.