Mother Snitch, cupcake... psn sunshine_101_




1 Vendome Pl #606, North York

Snitch Biography:

This person snitched on her baby father to security when he wanted to know where his kid was. She also sent two swat and two cop cars to kick in his door she also liked and said he hit the children. She is now currently with another guy doing drugs and God knows what else her family is helping her do all this to her baby father and if he text how's his child they call the cops, she also has security personal number and a policeman's personal email so she don't have to call. Police when investigating go to her house first. Big snitch don't trust her. She teaching her poor kids to snitch.

Post 2:
both of these girls like to instigate their baby fathers and go around doing drugs and partying while the fathers go to jail for asking about the welfare of their children, they both have the police officer private number at 55 division and Katie has the officer email and tchc security personal cell phone number, the single pic she lives in Hamilton and the other lives in Flemo. when officers go to Flemo they go to her house first, they pretend she int talking but when she goes inside she emails him what happened if she seen it. Don't trust either one. The one in her pic lives at 1 Vendome place, unit 606 house at the corner at the top of the stairs/ the other lives in Hamilton close to Cheever street near the park at the bottom after crossing the tracks.

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: white
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 150-60
Tattoos: has a butterfly near ankle, has brothers on one side shoulder and kanji on other
Clothing Style: hippie chilled relaxed and fitted
Sexual Orientation:

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