Young M.A


April 3, 1992


Brooklyn New York United States

Snitch Biography:

Young M.A stands for "Me. Always she got famous with her first track “Ooouuu” and she is now estimated to have a net worth that’s around $2 million. Young M.A. also claimed that she was going to change her name during the time her charges took place, she claims it was due to branding not snitching? I say she wanted to do a name change due to her snitching no doubt.

But who exactly is Young M.A? In this article, I will explain how she is a snitch let’s uncover the truth about Young M.A. and help you understand who she really is. Let me break this down to you short and simple. Young M.A. snitched out Sonja Blade a New York rapper who was inspiring to be one of the greatest. Sonja Blade helped Young M.A. in the early stages of her music career. Then Brooklyn rapper "Sonja Blade" real name Sonja Shenelle Holder, 37, was sentenced to 50 months in prison. She has filed paper work in court challenging her plea and claims former Brooklyn rapper Young M.A snitched on her and lied in court with her hand on the bible and her finger pointing.

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(Cardi B jumped by Young M.A and her people)


After all this M.A goes after Cardi B over her colours when she wasn’t even home M.A got her self arrested for showing up at Cardi B’s old house trying to force her to leave the blood gang. Sources claim she even tried to shoot Cardi B because she wouldn’t leave the blood gang, demanding that she changes her set. So why did she snitch? It’s even simpler than simple hence the name (Me Always) meaning she puts herself first and will throw anyone else under the bus.

(Young M.A arrested for trying to shoot Cardi B at her Bronx home, for not changing her set)


Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: American
Height: 5 ft 5
Weight: 123 pounds
Tattoos: Yes
Clothing Style: Louis Vuitton or Balmain
Sexual Orientation: Gay

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